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New Heavyweight Contender in The Money War

Mothers give birth to the children.
So Mother’s are the cause
of rent.
If there were no children born
there would be no rent.
Mary was a Mom
who had no place to lay her
Christ Child’s head.
In Mirror City
we don’t have this predicament
because all our mothers
receive the rent money
divided equally.
(See the article
A Visit to The New Levant Region)

As it is in other places these days
at least most of what’s left of it
after interest costs are covered,
goes into
not the pocket of the mortgage holder
nor the factory “owner”,
but the pocket ultimately
of some people
who, with just the cheap labor help
of some money vacuuming agents,
who get a small cut (Coyotes, Hunter),
… most of the rent
goes into the pockets
of a few invisible

But not in Mirror City,
where this rent is divided equally
amongst all the mothers.
These mothers
are free and able
to choose their mate
not just by the size of his money bags.
these mothers are able to protect themselves and their children
better, not being so vulnerable
like the proletariat.
Actually we have no proletariat
in Mirror City.
And we have no landowners.
Why? …
Because in Mirror City
we use unhoardable money
with demurrage
and because
land is not bought nor sold.
It belongs to
The Children of God.
It is The Promised Land
Free from Captivity (“ownership”)
and the interest

And now
to address our next important detail
the success
of Mirror City,

The Titans + 1 (The Confederate,
Money Whiz)

there’s The Economic Olympics too.
But ALL that history
got scrubbed.
But there’s still
the PAPER records and books
like there’s still
old very old
PAPER US Dollars
in existence.

Thanks to very recent
and ongoing developments
in the building up
of a very clever opponent challenger,
we don’t have to be at the mercy
of the old
Aristocratic Establishment’s
Shipping Empire
There is a surprise contender now
for The Heavyweight Title
of The Money War.

“I’ve never seen so many people
in the arena!”

The announcer for tonight‘s fight
has everyone’s attention.
Angel and V
are in the audience,
front row,
complements of
Donald Trump.

The Announcer, very dramatically:
“In this corner
we have
The Establishment’s
long undefeated
Giant Octopus Monster of USURY.
The Shipping Empire’s
The Puppet
of The Most Powerful
of all empires
since time memorial;
and their secret weapon,

And The Viking Puppet
struts around the ring.

“Look at those heads folks.
They’re mad crazy.
But I must say
some of them are looking nervous
and well
maybe not up for this fight,
maybe even causing problems for
The Viking Puppet.

“I talked with The Puppet Master
behind the scenes earlier
and this is what he had to say:
We’ll win,
or else we will just put you out of business. You will see.
Just remember
we can turn your microphone off
if certain things are mentioned.
you can’t run a casino
without cash paper US dollars.

There’s a reason I have so many heads
you know.
My Paper Money Vacuum Agent
is stronger than ever tonight.
My Presidential Head
creates the BEST
Pope Head
is the greatest blocker of all time.
My Pirate Head
is even more well-funded now
than ever.
Who was it that said,
If you have enough money
you can get anything done.
that was me!

“And then
The Puppet Master
just laughed like some kind of weird
kind of evil.
Well anyway,
Happy Halloween!
now back to the announcer.”

“And in the other corner we have
The longest lasting survivor.
He has never conceded.
Always back in the ring, cha ching.
The hardest working King ever.
of The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth.
The wise.
And tough.
The Confederate,
Whizzzzzzzz” (Money Whiz)

The whole arena stands and roars as one. Money Whiz stands calmly
and acknowledges all the fans.
After a few seconds
the commentators are back.

“A strong force there I would say.
Tonight we indeed have two strong forces, The Dark
and The Light
you could say.
The Ring is very unusual tonight,
there is a feeling that something really big
is about to happen.

“You know I loved it
when Evander Holyfield
got back in The Ring
a few weeks ago,
still standing
and ready to continue the fight.
(see the article entitled
Triller Trump Collaborate
for Knockout Fight Event)
The Confederate, Money Whiz
is in that same league.
I went backstage to talk with him
and his Team earlier.
Here’s what he had to say:
here’s what they don’t want you to know,
but I do.
I want to thank
Arthur Blok and all the crew of the great ship The Levant News 2020.
And I also want to send a shout out
to David Montgomery
and all the great crew of
National World and
And I also want to say thank you to
The Moo-La
and her Captain,
Silvio Gesell.
to her.”
He points to the front row,
to Angel NicGillicuddy
and also to V.

here’s what you’re going to see.
I’m going to tell you,
I’ve got one of the heads in particular
really wrapped up,
and that’s the one called
The Beast.
He’s practically on my side now.
I have The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth*
This alone is enough to really mess things up for The Viking Puppet,
from the inside.
* just type
Two Edged Sword Coming from The Mouth
in the search
on this Levant News site,
and you will find a treasure.

“Let me tell you something else,
get ready
Great Ships of The New Levant …
New York ports are a mess
and so are San Francisco ports.
But the ports
of Florida, Japan and Mar-a-Lago
are coming on very strong,
and so are
The Border States
Texas, Arizona.

“Angel NicGillicuddy, V, Mirror City
you will have no problem moving your goods and developing and refining
And look behind you to meet your new friends.”

There were many among which were Naruhito, Bibi, MbS, Duda, Boris, Abe
and a whole bunch of heavyweight
American business leaders.
Oh and hello
Bhad Bhabie.

“There will be many more behind you
in the near future.
Your back is covered.
You don’t have to worry about
The Swampy Viking Puppet.

“The South is Rising Again.
But this time there won’t be a big long war. It’ll just be business as usual,
we won’t even charge a tariff this time.*
* see The Lesson of Harriet
and The Lesson of Beatrix

“The best is yet to come.
Watch what happens …
and learn the secret;
the money part of the story,
which has been left out;
censored for thousands of years
by The Cash Mob Elite
and their mysterious
But not anymore.

To be continued…

Russel Lee Morris
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