Not just a Dream and Baron Hotels

Before Shibboleth,
the sixth journal article (July 14, 2019)
from the educational news story
about Angel NicGillicuddy,
the important lesson from this piece being
“Interest can be drown
in a Sea of Capital”,
that we should NEVER
be forced
by money withdrawing
and recession
to slow down our creation(s)
has a home
and until our “factories” (industry)
and “ships” (logistics)
are fully refined
and operating sustainably
and precisely
regarding output
and method.

After this article was published
I mysteriously received a feed
of two photo images
which looked like overhead space shots
of some seaside location
here on Earth.
One of them showed some kind of
radiant light source,
it shocked me at first.
But I was fine
after about a minute or two
of my hippie girlfriend
looking at me kind of funny
and like she was very bored
with all my talk about
She prefers just nature, art and peace.
... I love her.
But I returned to my Mission
to continue the work of
Lycurgus, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed,
Silvio Gesell
and President Trump ..
to fix the defect in our money,
that defect being,
the money you are using
is hoardable,
overwhelmingly US dollars,
of which a large hidden accumulation
of the paper US dollars
operates in a black magic kind of way
as a huge Leverage Device
to stir up all kinds of mischief
and manipulate EVERYTHING,
even your breathing,
as in how it gets
when you listen to the main stream news “channels”.

To fix this very dangerous defect
does NOT mean
to return to gold,
just another hoardable
exchange medium.
It means declaring demurrage
on the US dollar
so that there won’t ever again
be this accumulation
turned dangerous Leverage Device,
The Ultimate Usury,

Back to what seemed like a dream,
and the mysterious images ...
One of these images showed up again
just last week.
It was the advertisement for
Baron Hotels Egypt,
and immediately I knew,
a very special window of opportunity
was showing itself.
A chance to physically move,
Qi Gong actually,
The Money Gate.

And so now I present
the business plan
(which is fully explained in
Shibboleth A Tale of Two Secret Passwords and Money, the book)
The Golden Towers
Mirror City,
An investment opportunity
that is long-term,
environmentally visionary,
a place where children can learn business
and which gradually
but quickly
uses less and LESS money
to do MORE and BETTER work,
loans paid off much easier,
lots of interest saved,
and no interruptions
nor interference
from the dangerous
money Leverage Device.

In fact,
that device
and it’s agents
The news
is going to look
Thank you
Kabir Mulchandani.

Cheers, Salainte!
Me Russ,
Angel NicGillicuddy

I can also help you greatly regarding
Project Udaan

Russel Lee Morris

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