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Not Long Before President Moise of Haiti was Assassinated

Image credits: Jovenel Moïse, President of Haiti, delivering a speech at the United Nations during the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2018 (The Levant News archive).

The News Story about
Unhoardable Money with demurrage
and declaring  demurrage on The US dollar continues…

Baron Samedi:
Angel my little friend,
“I have delivered your Message.
And I have one here,
from someone very important,
who asked me
very politely
to please deliver it to you.”
He is seated a very old table,
along with …
Angel NicGillicuddy:
“Let me guess …
On second thought .. “
Angel gets up from her seat
and carves a circle around herself
in the dirt floor
with a very old life,
not just any knife.

She is now sitting inside of the circle,
golden light shining from the huge fireplace reflecting a very big shadow of her
on the wall of this timeless
cavern lounge room,
deep in a cave
somewhere in Haiti.

From her shoulder bag
she removes a Persian looking antique bottle and rubs it with her hands.
Then she takes the top off
and smoke slowly begins to rise
from the bottle.
In just a few seconds
another big shadow appears
on the cavern wall.
It is our friend Silvio Gesell.

And now Angel asks Baron
to drop his message into the circle.
She picks it up and begins to read:
“Dear Angel,
I have talked over your recommendations with my advisers
regarding the The Plan for using
Church Money with demurrage.”

Angel got very quiet. She heard some thing. She was listening very carefully,
and then a pigeon flew into the cavern room and landed on the arm of Baron Samedi.
He removed the little message from around the birds leg,
and read it aloud:
“The Prototype is ready for your review.
V will be by tonight to pick you up.
The various producers and distributors
have also
all given their approval.
A Press Statement is being prepared.”

Silvio smiles at Angel,
takes a deep breath,
turns into a stream of smoke
and returns into the bottle.
Everyone sits quietly for a moment
just being with the breathing,
and gazing into the fire.

“Let’s celebrate my friend.
I have new
very special cigars.“
She takes them from her shoulder bag,
along with a bottle of fine rum,
and some peanuts,
and sets them all on the table
for Baron.

To the new moon
and declaring demurrage
on the US dollar.

Russel Lee Morris
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One comment on “Not Long Before President Moise of Haiti was Assassinated”

  1. and now,
    "To The Full Moon!
    and to
    The Council for Inclusive Capitalism withThe Vatican
    The Proclamation for
    Church Money with Demurrage
    and to
    Pope Francis."
    Angel NicGillicuddy

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