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Notes Released from The 2nd Annual Shibboleth Meeting

Where it was discussed
a more detailed elaboration

Trump and Company (Japan, Florida)
using their own
US paper dollars
to make the initial injection (vaccine
against the hoardable Money system
of interest)
which injection is
the basic income with demurrage
to all citizens
of Japan and all citizens
of Florida.
All citizens
including wealthy ones.

Each is free to do as he pleases
The Trump Money with Demurrage
Basic Income Payments.
Nobody will stop you from giving this money away.

This investment by
Trump, Florida
Abe, Japan (including Naruhito)
is an investment in the workers,
which investment always is anyway.

The immediate return
the first ever accurate order
to all the factories,
which factories decide to accept this
new form of money
and so
move it quickly
in the chain a production,
all the way back to raw materials
or natural resources
of which there are plenty
in the USA,
and the surplus
can be sold to Japan
where there also
Trump money with Demurrage
will be used.

Trade between Florida and their
support industries (US steel for example)
and between Japan and Florida
will be reciprocal,
meaning in fact
very little money is part of the exchange, which trade
is quickly balanced
and the money part managed

More partners will enter this alliance quickly, using paper US dollars
to buy in.

Who will have these dollars? ...
Remember, using unhoardable money
with demurrage
or Trump money with demurrage
requires that only trivial amounts
will be needed
of the paper money.
We will get into how much US PAPER dollars actually exist at this time in the world
a little later.

At first
there won’t be many paper US dollars
in reserves
of Trump Money affiliated banks.
But there will be enough.

Trade negotiations
will be in the form of product goods,
not money.
Florida (and it’s partners
in South America)
grow surplus food,
in trade for Japanese surplus
industrial goods.

It is The Basic Income with Demurrage
which kicks all of this off.
Different from the universal basic income using traditional hoardable Money,
which is so common to hear about
these days.

The basic income with demurrage
made of paper Trump money
with demurrage
is NOT able to be HELD
out of circulation and disappear
for long calculated
periods of time.
It “melts” completely
before the next payment arrives.

With bitcoin the idea is to buy and hold (HODL),
whereby the money
doesn’t even enter circulation
where it can do its job;
helping to exchange products and services
easier, quicker and “cheaper”.

Just the opposite
from Trump Money with demurrage,
where money incurs holding charges,
so it MUST circulate,
and indeed
a good opportunity to do it’s job.

Demand (which is Money)
Supply (of goods, ultimately
raw materials or Natural Resources)
Attention Environmentalists,
this results in less
much less
environmental stress
and also
much less human stress too
because money is NOT able
to be HELD back
from new investment
in order to maintain scarcity of the old,
where we the workers are
really the ones held back.

This means more workers paid,
and not just for new different jobs
but also for jobs which come from the refinement
of the division of labor.

Refining industry means
more efficient
and effective
miraculous industry.

So what about counterfeiters? ...
As it is these days counterfeit money
is easy to make.
Thanks to Mariana van Zeller
and National Geographic
for showing everyone how this is done.
There are a lot more
paper US dollars out there
than you might think.

But Trump money with demurrage
so it CANNOT be “vacuumed” up later
and HELD
to either just hide out
or operate in The Dark Realms.
And that means
Trump money with demurrage
is manageable.

If a mysterious increase takes place
and certain people are paid off
to accept the counterfeit money,
then that money will require
the usual

The new counterfeit money
will quickly IMBALANCE
supply and demand.
The manager of the currency,
President Trump,
will then
take the required action
and remove the necessary amount of
paper money
from circulation.
The steady CPI
Consumer Price Index
will attest to his doing it properly.

Most of this paper money
will be conveniently sitting in a bank,
as on demand accounts,
where it is “melting” anyway.
The bank,
and I’m speaking here
of the banks which are part of
the Trump money network,
will simply immediately cash in
on some of its investments
to fill the hole
left by the Management.
It’s on demand accounts will remain accurate.

The demand (money)
for raw materials
or Natural resources
will reflect this withdrawal of money
very quickly.

One thing which must be in place
in either case,
legit or counterfeit paper Trump money,
is The Stamp
showing that demurrage
or holding charges
have been paid
up to date.

And where do the stamps come from? ...
They come from the banks
with Trump money.
* Unless demurrage
is just declared
on the US dollar.
the stamps would come from
the post office.

Can these stamps be counterfeit? ...
Well yes
I am sure.

But still even if
stamps are counterfeited,
the money
CAN be managed
so that S equals D,
where demand
is money,
paper money
and not people asking for a loan
or people begging.
It is just paper money,
and only trivia amounts at that.

Supply is easy, it is the amount of goods ready to sell
and waiting “on the shelves”.
Not derivatives.

it takes only a fraction
of the amount of money
to run the economy
when unhoardable Money
with demurrage
is being used.
Why? ...
Because it cannot
be removed from circulation
and hidden
and accumulated
like the hoardable PAPER US dollars
to gradually
create (man-made)
for manipulating
and even beyond.

Declaring demurrage
on the US dollar
will dismantle
and shift all that power
into the hands of The Workers
all over the world.

But if this is not done,
if demurrage
is not declared on The US dollar
(Hello Mr. Joe Biden “acting” President)
then we will pursue

I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy ??

Russel Lee Morris
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