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Ode to Baron Hotels

In recognition to the creators
of such greatness;
the WORK
in which Kabir Mulchandani
and please may I add
Donald Trump
make their business;
it is accommodating people comfortably
and helping them to enjoy life.
Some people may suspect such great visionaries
to be just greedy and gluttonous,
terms by the way
which refer
to cash money,
NOT real wealth
like factories, homes and ships.
Allow me please
to shine some Light,
with much gratitude,
upon the WORK
they (Mulchandani and Trump)
make their life.

I will be brief.
If this work were not interrupted
and misinterpreted
then by now
there would be a home for EVERYONE,
one which would certainly allow each person
to live much more NATURALLY;
these accommodations being flexible *1
and where all the chores are shared *2
(division of labor).

Even plants and animals migrate (1)
and all of Nature WORKS
at a very high level of interconnectedness; division of labor. (2)

And more,
if allowed to continue
and not misinterpreted,
then your environmental
and humanitarian
would have been solved
many many years ago,
and civilization would LITERALLY express Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise
on Earth ...
and even beyond, to other worlds.

Your hoardable form Money
is preventing
this outcome.

The cure is,
declaring demurrage
on the US dollar.
This will also remove power from
The Dark Force,
which is basically USURY.
And usury
is forbidden.

Love to all,
The Beast

Hello from Angel NicGillicuddy,
and the rest of
The Demurrage Gang.

Overproduction is always watched carefully because for a successful business and economy
must equal
This is assured
as long as the money
is not hoardable.
(Unhoardable Money with demurrage)

if there ever is over production then the beautiful and well done creations of people like
Kabir Mulchandani
Donald Trump
are very convertible
and transformable.

Russel Lee Morris
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