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The Old Levant vs The New Levant

Image credits: Old cash notes from the Levant

There is a full moon eclipse coming.
What does that mean
in terms of The Money World? ...
Can you see The Writing on The Wall? ...

This time
the special ‘Star’
(the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter)
will be seen highest in the sky
directly over
The New Levant Region;
the corridor of portals
parallel on either side of
The Wall
on the Southern US border with Mexico.
But this time
we won’t be using the defective
hoardable form of money.
We will be using the purified
US dollar with demurrage.

Just like he did when the Democrats
could not understand
the importance of The Wall,
President Trump,
whether he is president or not in 2021,
has shown that he CAN
successfully negotiate
for the benefit of both Mexico and the US
ALREADY. Actually the negotiations have been to the benefit of many more than just these two countries.
You might have missed all that
in the fake news.

Using the US dollar with demurrage
will assure reciprocal trade
and continuous uninterrupted refinement
of relations
and also of the industrial and agricultural processes,
in the widest sense,
which have anything to do with
The New Levant Region.

No more interference
caused by hoardable money
being withdrawn from circulation
and harming the body economic.

And in this, The New Levant Region,
we will even introduce
the new system of
Land tenure;
Land Use Titles
instead of
Land ‘Ownership’ Titles
The rent from this Land
going towards
infrastructure improvements
in the widest sense.
Money from the rent of the Land
(man-made structures are a different matter)
can also be used to finance
The Basic Income with demurrage.
This will help clear excess inventories
and set factories on the right and accurate path forward,
without the need for
forecasts, projections and guesses.
The Basic Income with demurrage
can even be utilized in the case of unforeseen natural disasters.

Land Use Titles
will go to the highest bidder.
All participating Land ‘Owners’
will be fully compensated.

No one will be forced to do ANYTHING.
The transition or transformation
will follow the natural path
of success and what WORKS best.

But this New Levant Region
will be accepting ONLY
US dollars with demurrage.
We have learned our lesson
thank you Jesus and Mohammed.
we have also learned the lesson
which is consequence of hoardable Land.
Thank you to all who are working so hard on The Abraham Accords

I can see
The New Levant Region
The Old Levant Region
more and more
better and better.
And like President Trump says,
success is what will move us forward.

“Now, this time, December 21, 2020,
The ‘Star’ is actually two planets
overlapping in our view
to look like an unusually big bright star;
Saturn, the crazy energy,
and Jupiter, the giant. It symbolizes strength and expansion, it is the general symbol of authority and knowledge, it increases possessions, makes rich and prosperous, it reigns all senior officials
of State and Church.
This is ‘The Christmas Star’
which is making way for
The New Messenger.”
- an excerpt from the book
Before Shibboleth.

For more details please see:
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Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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