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Open letter to the Post Office General

Including CEO Louis DeJoy and all the rest.
from Angel NicGillicuddy
To whom it may concern,

There is another book which sits
on a very high shelf
in the very majestic library
of the castle.
It is called
Active Currency Policy *
by Silvio Gesell.
There is also a note in this book.
here is what it says:

The post office will manage the collection
of the holding charges on money
either by using their stamps
or their stamping machines.
They will be paid for their services
by the monies received for those stamps.
there are post offices
in every corner of the world.
Very easy
for anyone holding money cash paper US dollars
to find easy access to a post office
not even very far away.
Of course all of these post offices
will have maximum-security in place.
Most of the cash paper US dollars
will be quickly deposited in the bank
which the holder is most likely already
doing business with.
It doesn’t matter if there is some delay
in certain money
It will just be a matter of
catching up
on the holding charge due;
the demurrage charges.
Even if this money leaves the country
in order to purchase materials needed for rebuilding
it will find a bank that will except it
and move it along.
This money will easily outperform the old traditional
hoardable money.
And this money will be much easier to manage,
in a scientific way for the first time ever.
It will be very easy
even for children to understand
how the money functions .

How will we be able to distinguish between the US dollars with demurrage
and the regular traditional US dollars?
It will be very easy to distinguish the money which carries holding charges.
IT will have the sign of the very first stamp
on it’s back.

There will be nothing which is able to hold us back from rebuilding in the most technologically advanced ways available today.
And even these will be quickly refined and improved.

Most of the money will find itself
in circulation
and working its way along
and moving quickly back
to The source of raw materials
or natural resources,
where it will end up in the hands of
those who “own” the land
from which these natural resources come.
They will be inspired also to move this money along.
Where will it go?
The bank, as usual will move the money into circulation.
Probably one of the things which the land owners will do with that money is
to use it for
their lands which have been
or abused
over these many years.
It’s only natural that they would do this.
Plenty of jobs there for environmentalists.
How much of this money do you think will end up in the hands of the human slave trafficking business?
Where would the return be?
However the land holder which ends up with this money
WILL find an investment in humanitarian services to be one with return.

More and more it will be at the end of the year
when the money supply is compared and connected
to the production supply
we will precisely know whether to add money
or to remove money
from circulation.

There will most likely be way more money than is needed
at first.
One very good example of how to use this
surplus money
is to send weekly payments of
“The Basic Income with demurrage”.
Enough for simply comfortable shelter, clothing and food.
At the end of each week
the amount
which will be credited to a plastic card
will disappear,
and the new weekly payment
will be installed on the card.
This mechanism will
function as an indicator
of exactly the order
which must go to the factories and farms;
the first ever accurate order in history.
No need for predictions or forecasts
or guesses.
This will prove to be a huge savings measure.
There will be no so called “overproduction”,
especially not at the quarry or the farm,
where it all starts.
Environmentalist should take note.
The Basic Income with demurrage
will also allow people to migrate naturally,
until they find a place where they are most comfortable.
And of course it will be in this place
which they will want
and be inspired
to work.

Relax everyone
and just be with your breathing.
There is hope
and we can
It takes a conscious decision however.
And this decision is to declare demurrage
on money,
starting with the US dollar.
I am sure President Trump
is prepared for this discussion.

* Active Currency Policy
does in fact sit upon the shelf
of the United States Library of Congress.
It was sent there urgently hot off the press
about 100 years ago.
We need it again

Russel Lee Morris
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