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Open Letter to Secretary Wilbur Ross

Image credits: US president Donald Trump and billionaire commerce secretary. Wilbur Ross.

Honorable Sir,

There is no doubt
the best way to invest
the #COVID19 grant money
is to endorse
the movement and organization
to declare demurrage on the US dollar.
There are three reasons;

In order to unfund The Dark Forces
and completely
Drain The Swamp
of all the hidden dirty cash paper US dollars
which have accumulated over many years;
the massive war profits.
No more financing the angry adolescent anarchist leaders who started out fighting against something that was bad
only to be resuscitated themselves
by an entity of which no questions were asked.
Always remember to ask who the ‘helper’ is.
They will lose their desperate followers quickly
in a thriving economy.
And have no reason to not join the thriving refining improving economy themselves.
Climate protestors,
declaring demurrage on The US dollar will help your movement more than ANYTHING.
Less pollution and cleaner everything
is the result of allowing industry
to continue without interruption and interference.
Our success should never be held back or cut off by money being removed from circulation and going to operate in The Dark Realms.

To bankrupt
The Human Slave Trafficking Business.
and at the same time
remove the paper money medium which is responsible
for the spread of the virus
amongst so many poor people
who don’t have a credit card,
these would be mostly Black and Latino

To assure that all the WALL STREET DONATIONS
remain in circulation,
not being retrieved at a later date
to return to The Dark Realms
and feed The Beast AGAIN,
which would result in a beast of unimaginable size this next time.
As President Trump says,
Nope. Not gonna happen on my watch.

To UNLEASH a massive amount
of cash paper money,
which would quickly make its way into circulation mostly through the banks,
and make itself available to finance
all the ideas you just happen to be looking for
in the first place.
The result will be one like you see in
President Trump
since his recovery from the virus.
Cheers President Trump I’m glad you’re well.

There is plenty which needs this
‘Great Flood of Money’ .
And thanks to The Trump Administration
our infrastructure has gotten a little bit
of a head start for being able to handle
this massive amount of very old hidden money
which has for so many years been operating
in and out of The Dark Realms. In and out in and out ... to stay when demurrage is declared
on The US dollar.
I suppose we have been paying interest on all this hidden cash loan money too,
and not getting a very good return that’s for sure.
All that will be saved.
Jesus knew the problem about hoardable money
and it made Him angry.
It FEEDS Usury.
And that is condemned for good reason;
it makes us turn into very dangerous beasts.
Better to keep that natural egotistic impulse
to a minimum.
Declaring demurrage on The US dollar
will do just that.
it will cause
the forces which try to do evil
to only achieve good.

I’ve gone beyond three reasons already.
I can give you more.
I would love to meet.

Keep up the good work,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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