Poop Alchemy

The poop was never just
“dumped out at sea”
like they say.
It went to
The Gunpowder Factory.

The secret recipe for making their product was highly protected,
but it was necessary
to write down
and so we have
The Books of The Alchemists.
It’s not so complicated actually,
but if you don’t know
the secret,
you’re sure to be off course
right from the start.

Did you think they were making gold?
They were only making gold
like I ‘make’ money
by working to make a product
to sell for money; gold back in the days of Islam Chemistry
and The Alchemists.

The product was ,
and still is today,
cultivating the salt peter
which is one of the necessary ingredients.

The Alchemists,
specifically in Iraq,
have known how to
‘make’ money
processing poop
for a long time.
Back in the days when the poop was reportedly
just dumped in the deep blue sea,
the poop really went
to the Alchemists,
in fact they were paid to take it,
paper US Dollars.

But then word got out; the instructions, which before
were only accessible through the obscure writings of The Alchemists.

And eventually the Italians
got into the business.
There was even
The Poop Goddess
And maybe the pope
was in charge of the poop
who knows.

Do you think “The Mob”
knows how to make gunpowder?
Do you think they are paid
in some kind of digital money?
Do you think a war could even be a war without their product;
especially the saltpeter to make it.

All the business of saltpeter
is in cash only;
predominantly the US dollar.
No credit.

In order to protect itself
every nation has learned to keep
a war chest full of a bunch of cash
paper US dollars
just in case they need emergency
live ammunition,
which key ingredient is gunpowder;
the cash only business.

What happens to the nation
when that emergency cash war fund
dips below enough money to pay
for the live ammunition necessary
to win ‘the battle of a certain duration’?
Trump will tell you,
they become delinquent, insolvent
and the repo man comes knocking.
And this is not to say that Trump
did anything wrong.

But so not to leave you with the sense
that we live in repo hell,
what happens when demurrage is declared on the US dollar? …
What is left in the war chest
of plenty of countries
is not enough to sustain a war,
not even a long battle,
so your country is dependent on loans, ultimately the loan givers of NOT credit
or digital money,
that might come later,
but first
your country cannot defend itself,
you could if you had cash
but you are low on cash
Lebanon, Ukraine, … there’s a bunch.

There’s more to The Story,
but to get right to the bottom of IT;
The Swamp,
to drain it
declare demurrage on The US Dollar,
that means,
not down the drain; wasted,
I mean
into circulation
instead of sitting in The Swamp
paying off
Swamp Monsters.

You will spend a fraction of what you now budget for security,
that means you will need LESS (cash)
in your War Chest,
that means less business making
the gun powder,
which means more saltpeter for fertilizer, which means lower food prices,
not because there is too much food **
but because it costs the farmer less.

** This dilemma is cleared up by using
The Basic Income With Demurrage
as The Distribution Mechanism
to put the farmers and factories
on the right path,
the ‘excess’ food
no longer ending up in the hands of
‘good samaritan’ businesses
which deliver to places where there is a money shortage,
without considering the consequences
to local businesses
which lose their customers
to the ‘free’ food line.

I wonder if in exchange for the ‘free’ food they get some free land
for their headquarters offices,
and I wonder if these offices are somehow involved in the cash business,
cleaning up the donations
for their investors,
and maybe influencing
to improve
their shipping

How much worse does it have to get
before demurrage is declared
on the US dollar? and the recession driven good samaritan businesses
no longer have the drive (recession)
to stay in the charity business
and so they become legitimate
shipping distribution businesses
getting paid like normal,
not through suspicious donations.

“All are forgiven”
“Because they know not what they are doing.”
He was talking about

Any questions, I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris

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