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Pope Francis Visit to Lebanon strictly focusing on The Money Strategy

The Churches
CAN provide
The Antidote
straight from
The Alter.
The Church can use it’s own
Cash Resources
as The Bridge
to The Natural Economic Order
(ref. Silvio Gesell)
and Civil Peace
for putting us
on The Path
for Preparing The Kingdom
and The Promised Land
for God To Come.
The Ransom paid in full.
to NEVER again
into The Credit Trap,
which uses the hoardable form of money
as bait;
Gold and Silver at one time,
now The US Dollar
in the form of loans which MUST
and can ONLY
be paid back
as either cash from the on demand account
or PAPER US Dollars,
no transfers are accepted
The Loaner herself
has run into financial difficulties.
Which can happen
when The War Game
is slowed down,
which indeed
was happening
under the presidency
of Donald Trump.

The Lender
soon felt it,
and could see
eventual collapse
coming quickly,
where The Nations
once held under under The Spell
of hoardable money
and the USURY predicament,
could possibly free themselves.

The ones with the most cash
run The Gossip Machine
and THEIR message
interferes, obstructs, confounds
and overrules
ANY other messenger.
That included Jesus.
And Muhammad too I believe
and Silvio Gesell.

The Cash Paper money
must carry demurrage charges,
payable only
The Holder;
the one who feeds her own Beast; Usury
with it; the money.
The Revelation of The Whore
in The Bible.

The Two-Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth (your mouth),
not a drop of blood on it;
Free Money; Money free-ed to circulate,
as it should
for good health
of the body economic,
and also
Free Land; Land free-ed from the Captivity  
of “ownership”,
The Ransom paid in full
Church Money with demurrage.
Very easy to do,
especially now.

The 10% Tithe
is all that is needed,
that will provide PLENTY of money?
Why? Because unhoardable money with demurrage
operates/ circulates/
so much better than
the hoardable Money;
predominately regarding here,
The US Dollar,
focusing primarily on
The PAPER US Dollars.

Church Money with demurrage
will work so much better than
the cursed
hoardable money of Satan.
Each Sunday
when everybody comes to Church
The Communion;
Basic Income with Demurrage
could be given
to each Follower.
A Coin or Token
which is tapped
on The Cash Register
to pay for
good, clothing and shelter.
The magical properties of this Coin
“melt” over the week
and by the time the new Coin is received
at Church on Sunday
the old Coin is cancelled;
fully melted.

The Hussar Soldiers
have this information.
Winged Soldiers
on Big White Horses
are Coming
To Save Us.
They are being sent now.
Council for Inclusive Capitalism with
The Vatican
Pope Francis
Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Angel NicGillicuddy

BellTroX is working for The Good Guys.

Russel Lee Morris
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