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from Peter Rabbit
(part one)">Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit
(part one)

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit
(part one)

Hidden secret notes from
The Reform Club Meeting

Venturing 101,
Starting with
The Recession Plan:
Cashing out,
in fact even melting the money down
to ‘invest’
gold bracelets, and watches, and chalices, etc
and silver (and gold) chandeliers
and dinner trays, and
to sell
to Recession
Watch the price of gold go up,
monitoring its progress
at frequent meetings,
every day.
The Reform Club.

Land Reform;
of The Land
does not make any difference,
play with
this Lion ,
it is Toothless.
But never
ANY discussion
declaring demurrage (holding charges)
on the money,
The Magical Money Token
Must Always and Forever
Remain Hoardable.
This is
Rule Numero Uno,
above all other rules.
If anyone should inquire otherwise,
Silence is Golden **
is The Motto.
** The Gold Standard

As a consequence of
The Money Shortage
Prices will fall,
leading to
Fake News about
the eminent economic crisis,
Merchants will begin
on their next order,
but the inventory of
incoming raw materials
already ordered
pushes ahead,
they must.
Very soon,
there is
The Overproduction Chaos.
Begin phase two:
The USURY Strategy.
Everyone will follow,
but now with strings (or chains) attached;
and now
We have
The Puppet Master
and his Puppets.
Let The Show Begin.
A Profit Making War.

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Russel Lee Morris
"Declare Demurrage on The US Dollar; The Way Out of The Trap"
Russel Lee Morris
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