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from Peter Rabbit,
part two">Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit,
part two

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit,
part two

More secret hidden notes,
Reform Club Meeting
History 101
The Money Part
Venturing 201

Once The Recession Plan
is fully engaged,
begin Venturing,
Exploring for New Innovative
Start Ups
in need of
including the Exploration Business,
to find new Land
for Expanding
The Money Power
our control.

Meet with The Church,
make a deal with them ( The Pope)
to build ships
for spreading God’s Word;
which is in our case,
Capitalism and
The Interest System,
under the disguise of
Love and Salvation.
A cash down payment advanced
to pay the workers,
No other payments due
for one generation,
about 30 years,
possible extension available
but don’t mention this yet.
begin giving credit
based on this wage money,
which We
manage the circulation of.
See The Recession Plan
in part one.

Once The Church has launched it’s
offer this deal
to other ‘Explorers’ **
** you could also say
‘Innovators’, ‘startups’.
But monitor how many
Competitors are allowed,
The Market Conditions
must be maintained and sustained
for keeping Our System
in place;

A Reminder:
Capitalism is
an economic condition
in which the
for loan-money
and real capital
exceeds the
and therefore gives rise
to interest.

The Proletariat
are workmen
of their own means of production.

Once The Holy Sanctioned Missions
are launched
and Agents (workers)
begin to find their place
in the new Venture Landscape,
more money will be needed,
new money (more money)
to attract and pay
more workers,
to get addicted to using
Money Token.

Why do people have this attraction
to money? …
Because We
have developed
The Division of Labor;
factory style
production line manufacturing,
to the point
that now
everyone is dependent on each other,
and that dependency is tied to this
division of labor style of getting things done,
as opposed to the dependency before,
a long time ago,
on Barter
Primitive Production.

If the division of labor style of production
everyone suffers,
the vast majority of the people
don’t receive their pay (money),
and are very quickly facing
dire consequences;
ultimately no food,
no money to buy food.
This is especially true
in Winter.
And the division of labor
is dependent on money
for paying the wages.
And We
the money.

So let us look at how We
not only have this ability for
removing money from circulation,
let us now look at how we can
inject money into circulation
to cause the opposite effect;
The Economic BOOM.

To create
the money,
and instigate The Economic BOOM
We simply
sell the gold and silver ‘heirlooms’
and melt them down,
just as to create a shortage of money,
and instigate The Recession Plan,
We melted
the money
to make
the heirlooms. **

will instigate
the selling of these ‘heirlooms’
when We
are satisfied with
the increase in the price
of the gold and silver.
Once We
begin selling a few of
Our Heirlooms
others will follow,
and there will be plenty
of gold and silver
to make
new money.

It is important to note that We
lend the money necessary
for creating these factories
for making the heirlooms (gold and silver chandeliers, dinner sets rings and watches
and other jewelry, church chalices).
Or else We
in many cases
own these factories ourselves.

In all cases,
the melting down of the metal
the casting of this metal into either heirlooms
or money,
We derive interest.
We win in every way,
as long as
The System of Capitalism
Is maintained and sustained.

There is no need to fear
Socialism nor Communism,
let them be talked about freely,
along with Religions,
the people are so dependent now on
the division of labor
for getting things done,
including the delivery of the products,
that there is no turning around.
Practically no one is able to survive
suddenly being forced to
make or grow
everything themselves
with no outside dependence (Primitive Production),
and Barter
is almost always
so inconvenient
that people prefer to just pay
interest (at least basic interest; 5%)
for the use of money.
And again,
control the money.

Never allow anyone to discuss the fact
that money
and gold or silver
or any other material
used for its creation,
are two separate
and that the product of money,
which is made by The State,
in fact,
it was invented by
The State Legislators,
depends on
State Legislation.
And We
control the influence
of The Legislators
by means of
Our Money.
And Our Money
must remain

** see the first few pages
(she obviously wanted people
to get this message
right away)
Beatrix Potters
secret coded Journal, 
transcribed by Leslie Linder
published by
Frederick Warne and Co. Ltd.
London England,
for her clear insight into
to make
gold and silver heirlooms.
Thank you Beatrix,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris

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