Poupelle of Chimney Town Nashino Akihiro Bigger Than Disney …

it is possible! …
using unhoardable money with
Demurrage (holding charges)

Only three chapters of the book
are covered in the movie,
there are 10 chapters in all.
Much of the money part of the story
is only slightly introduced in the movie;
there is hoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
“L” which “gets off”,
based on the teachings of
Silvio Gesell,
The Natural Economic Order,

And then there is the character of
the puppet king,
so sad because he remembers how beautiful life was during The Gothic Era,
when Renovatio Monetarum *
was practiced,
where periodically The King
required that all the money
be exchanged for new money
every six months or so,
an incentive to keep the money
in circulation
and not hoard it.
* see The Gothic
by Hugo R. Fack
Free Economy Publishing Company
San Antonio Texas USA

But unfortunately,
the people were tricked,
into using the hoardable money,
and all the glorious creation
was once again
held back
because money began to disappear
from circulation,
the people became fearful
(the main stream media headlines
were terrible)
and they held tightly
to their money,
which just made things worse,
The Gothic Era
was sadly interrupted,
and just became another mystery,
according to main stream media.

The mysteries
about the money
are now being revealed,
again. *
Nashino Akihiro
has written several books for children,
some of them are even business oriented.
* “again” because this is not the first
and only attempt to do this.

Nashino Akihiro has worked long and hard, and having a very special plan,
with perfect timing,
he is not only going to show us,
especially the children,
how unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges)
he’s going to manifest, like magic,
a real life town
which shows the amazing possibilities
that come with using this form of money. Could it be his own hometown of
Reality transferred to animation,
then stirring in the magical
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
then transferring back to reality and spreading all over the world,
The Good Fruit
The Tree of Knowledge
of good and evil.
… Maybe.

So that you see and understand
the full message
of this beautiful animated children’s movie, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Chimney Town
is in a predicament with the bank,
The Cash Mob Elite,
but not Emperor Naruhito 



The money
which Chimney Town uses
is unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
“L” with
“gets off”,
based on
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell.

Japan has been investigating the works of
Silvio Gesell
for a long time.
When India’s Leader,
Subhas Chandra Bose (Netaji),
got into trouble (his wife was a spy)
in Nazi Germany,
Japan smuggled him out
and brought him to Japan
to negotiate a trade deal
Free India
using unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
declaring demurrage
on their
very large accumulation
of US Dollars
to kick it off.
But very soon after Netaji arrived in Japan
The Cash Mob Elite
ordered an atomic bomb
and had it delivered
The Deal
was completely
removed from our history.

Michael Ende
and his movie
(also based on the works of
Silvio Gesell)
are very popular in Japan.

Poupelle of Chimney Town
was released in 2020
which coincided with
Trump’s Plan
to declare
demurrage (holding charges)
on The US Dollar,
in coordination with
the return of Shinzo Abe
to politics,
and with the support of
Emperor Naruhito.
The Election was stolen
and Shinzo Abe
was assassinated.

But there is still
Plan B;
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges).

“Our Journey
is just beginning”, 
like President Trump says a lot.

And like Nashino Akihiro says,
“It’s meaningless to worry about
trying to keep the story secret.”

I agree.
Thank you
Nashino Akihiro (N.A.)

I am with you.


 Angel NicGillicuddy (A.N.)

Russel Lee Morris

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