Image credits: A man holds fake currency bearing the image of US President Donald Trump as he participates in a "Freedom Rally" protest in support of opening Florida in South Beach in Miami, on May 10, 2020. (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP) (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

Attention Environmentalists.
President Trump
has the better plan for the environment
and the approach
for it’s healing
and long term
Full Capacity Production
Freedom Cities

is impossible
without fixing the defects
in our present economic system;
the money is hoardable,
so is the Land.

In fact,
as long as there are cycles of
BOOMs and BUSTs (Economic Recession, Depression)
all the money and time and effort
of environmental activists
is actually a waste of energy,
in the widest sense of the word,
setting long-term dates
for reaching environmentalist goals,
you are completely at the mercy
of The Money Power Elite Establishment
who throw money and land
at your well intentioned profit free
nonprofit organizations,
fully knowing that as long as the money remains hoardable,
in particular The paper US Dollar,
they, The Cash Mob Elite,
have the most powerful
weapon of all;
The USURY Leverage Device;
giving them, The Cash Mob Elite,
the power
to manipulate
market conditions;
to pull ‘the money rug’
out from under your plans,
and foreclose on the Land,
to keep us within the limits
of Capitalism,
and it’s foreclosure scheme,
instead of pushing
to The Promised Land,
which is what will happen
in less than a year,
you will see how it WORKS,
and the miraculous creations
and transformation
which results,
when demurrage (holding charges)
is declared
on the money,
and The USURY Leverage Device
is disarmed,
this secret weapon
even turned against its holder,
and The Money Power Establishment
become our biggest helper,
them being the biggest

demurrage (holding charges)
on the money,
Full Capacity Production
will be set free,
the full potential of Humans
undistorted and without interference,
more and more pure day by day,
in perfect synchronicity,
with the creation of
Trump Freedom Cities (Free Cities)
will show the way,
the most genius idea
to come to light
in a long time. *
* NEOM is also shining the light,
thank you MbS.

is only attainable after
the Economic BOOM
is given the opportunity
to level off.

Our present system is manipulated;
money is withdrawn
at a point just below this leveling off,
about 2% below it,
leaving always
2% percent homeless people,
for whom it has been made
a ‘charitable’ business
of storage and shipping
the resulting
so-called overproduction,
this allowing the producer
to transfer these
in times of Economic Recession.

But even Jesus knew
and said,
Good deeds will not get you
Heaven on Earth,
it is only by faith alone;
faith in the money,
and as long as the money remains
and can be removed from circulation,
will interrupt and distort
the best intentions,
even of the charity businesses.

in a form of money
which can be removed from circulation
and hidden
for calculated long periods of time
is not faith
to the master
puppet maker
and puppeteer.

Insurance companies
are also taking advantage
of the so-called overproduction,
making use of it
to soften (in the widest sense)
compensation claims.

The Money Power Establishment
would not be happy
if Environmentalists
were to shed light upon
the damage of
Economic Recession
to the environment.
They, The money Power Establishment,
do NOT allow it to be discussed.
Like their mainstream media,
complete silence is the only response allowed,
It has been like that
for thousands of years,
sometimes a war or a bomb
is dropped on the discussion
to silence it.
The Messenger
is crucified.

But there will be no Recession
in Trump Freedom Cities,
and as a shining example,
others will copy.
And Trump Freedom Cities
copy Nature,
in perfect alignment with
The Natural Economic Order.

Using only
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
inside ‘the walls’ of
The Freedom Cities,
there will not be the problems of
Economic Recession;
and security concerns inside
‘the walls’
of these Cities
will be dramatically,
Evil may not ever go away completely,
but using unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges)
we shall easily be able
to manage it.

The Iron Dome Missile Defense Shield
protecting each
Freedom City
will assure the cancellation
of any long-distance firings,
it’s even too expensive
to think about
launching missiles
if you know beforehand
that they are not
going to reach the target.

And The Mainstream Media problem? …
Trump Freedom Cities
will have their own ‘servers’.
The satellites might still be there,
but not the reliance on them.

Trump Freedom Cities
will remedy
the steady leak
of unearned income
from circulation,
so that the tension
between intensive cultivation
and extensive cultivation
will naturally,
without artificial special privileges interfering,
be balanced,
cooperative competition
along with
competitive cooperation
will shine.

Russel Lee Morris

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