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Return of The Messenger

Jesus was a home builder.
Being naturally especially observant
He saw that money was being hoarded
( it was hoardable metal Money )
and that this act of misusing money
caused slow down of industry and of all goods exchange.
It also created the man-made Swamp
of stagnant dirty cash money; our biggest cause of illness physical,
even as in COVID-19 spreading very quickly to desired locations
( The secret COVID Money Bomb )
especially through the everyday use
and exponentially increasing circulation
of this disease carrying money
by poor people paying for something with a five dollar bill and getting even more of the paper money back as change.
The hoardable money also is our biggest cause of illness psychological,
as in the feeding of Usury,
which leads to more and more fear
and eventually becoming paranoia.
The gossipmongers ( fake news )
fooled the people
into blaming Jesus
and they had him murdered.
The Bible says Usury is ‘for bidden’.

Then came Mohammad,
the second Messenger.
Like Jesus,
He was also especially observant.
He saw from the perspective
of the merchant
how the hoardable metal money
was being misused.
From Mohammed‘s level of involvement
as a merchant
he witnessed
even more intense acts of Usury,
which is also forbidden in the Koran.

The third Messenger
was Silvio Gesell, factory owner.
For 30 years,
the typical term of a mortgage these days,
and also approximately one generation,
Silvio observed very closely,
and like Jesus and Mohammed
he was directly involved
in the money business ( not a politician ).
He witnessed the problem
of the misuse of the hoardable Money
and went a step further
than Jesus and Mohammed
by identifying the solution
to the misuse of the unnatural
hoardable Money,
of which affects
and can also override
even The Process of Natural Selection
over long periods of use ( misuse ).
The solution was and is
‘the money must decay
like natural’.
Not to have any special privileges
the money must incur holding charges
or demurrage.
And so he wrote his book
The Natural Economic Order;
sacred text about money.
Silvio, like Jesus,
was over powered by the abusive
unnatural power
of the trick hoardable Money secret invisible leverage device
which The Cash Mob Elite
were and are using
to manipulate market conditions.
Silvio came and went
like a thief in the night.
The world knew he was there;
his information was known around the world even at a time when accomplishing
such a thing
was not easy.
But just one generation after his departure
all traces of his evidence
were scrubbed
by The Cash Mob Elite
University donors.
And we were back to not even knowing
that there was and is
a big problem with hoardable
Swamp Money.

And now another Messenger is here;
a high-level businessman
who’s business involves all aspects of managing and understanding
and how it functions.
he is right now
in the most important position
for decision making
in order to Drain The Swamp
and keep our economy flowing
smoothly, continuously, steady.
Of course the gossipmongers
( main stream media )
have tried their best to trick the people
into blaming him for all of the problems,
just like they did to Jesus the homebuilder who just wanted the people to follow Him and keep working
to build the needed homes
til everyone had one.

But there is a way to bypass
the interference
and bring The Message
directly to the people.
Watch for The Trump Train
to begin its new tour;
God’s Money ( in God we trust );
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.

Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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