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Rules of The Money Game

President Trump stated in the debate that
“he didn’t make the rules”
regarding the question about his taxes.
Plenty of ‘clever‘ rules have been invented
over the previous administration’s watch
that help businesses to escape from paying taxes. You could call it economic reform
to keep things rolling during the roller coaster cycles of BOOMs and BUSTs.

President Trump, like the rest of us,
has had to live by these rules
even though the rules don’t fix anything.
They just try to patch the leak in our Ship USA
as it passes through
the droughts of
‘money not making itself available‘ and then
the thunderstorms of
‘lots of money suddenly becoming available’.
Practically no smooth steady sailing ever.
And there never will be
as long as the money remains of the kind
which can be hoarded and hidden in the form of US paper dollars
which do not do decay
like everything else natural.

Does anybody even know how much
of these paper dollars there are existing,
especially since the turning of the huge
World War profits?
How can anyone control or prevent
the destruction and distortion which these
hidden paper dollars finance
as long as they can be shipped here and there secretly
or even not so secretly
like the billion that Obama sent to Iran?

Hidden cash paper cargo can be shipped anywhere The Invisible Enemy
wants to inspire chaos or even spread disease.

The cure is to declare demurrage
on The US dollar,
and finally flush out The Swamp for good, bringing all of this money back into circulation where it can work for good instead of evil.
And this will also keep the money circulating,
and bankrupt The Invisible Enemy.

President Trump DOES have a plan
which he and his team are able to adjust
for steering our great ship USA
as it leads the way through the turbulent waters
and fog of illusion
which The Cash Mob Elite are instigating
in their final desperate stand
of this battle
which has been mysteriously going on
for thousands of years.

President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin
know all the ways
which The Cash Mob Elite have been given
in the form of ‘the rules’ for escaping capture.

Meanwhile, plenty of cash paper money
is being flushed out from The Dark Realms
by other strategical means.
The Swamp is being drained and
The Swamp Monsters are becoming weak.

As soon as our infrastructure can handle
The Great Flood
of the rest of the hidden paper money, then
The Final Blow Will be declared;
demurrage on The US dollar.
Armageddon won’t be so bad.
Jesus and Mohammed both knew the terrible things that usury leads to,
and they saw that certain people were holding
the metal money out of circulation
in order to use it as leverage
for controlling the market conditions,
and this made them very angry
even though they were who they were.

Then came Silvio Gesell.
He not only saw the cause of the interference
but also figured out a solution.
In his book The Natural Economic Order,
he stated,
‘negative interest is also forbidden’.

He worked at the post office early in his career and saw the importance of this network
for the transition of reforming our money
to money with demurrage.
See The Levant articles,
Open Letter to The Post Office General
The US Post Office and Silvio Gesell.

Money reform
not more economic reform
is what is needed.

“It’s not the system which is defective.
We can WORK our way THROUGH Capitalism
easily, and quickly too these days.
The defect is in the money
not the system.
Declaring demurrage on the US dollar = Transformation.
Negative interest is a trick,
which The Cash Mob Elite
allows to be talked about in the media
because it poses no threat
to The Establishment.

Hoardable money is antidisestablishmentarianism.
And that is unnatural.
It is floccinaucinihilipilification.”
Angel NicGillicuddy ?

Russel Lee Morris
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