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Would the Palestinians consider
renting God’s Land
or do they insist on “owning” it.
Or maybe that is the problem now;
they ‘own’ the Land, so to speak,
but they are not able to live up to their mortgage agreement(s);
their death gauge agreement(s)
has reached an end,
a decision must be made regarding
but what sense is there to renewing
when payment record (credit rating)
has a very questionable history.

The Abraham Accords
will help in this regard,
at least offering an opportunity
for Palestinians to do more business,
and make more money.
The People are certainly able;
good workers are plentiful.

Are there lots of delicate vulnerable
death gauges (mortgages)
or is it more in line
with what God said to Moses:
The Land is Mine
Thou Shalt Not Sell It.

Do Israelites ‘own’ Land
or do they rent it
from Society; The Children of God;
The Next Generation,
which would be more in line with
The Natural Economic Order by
Silvio Gesell,
and with ‘wandering’ Jews.

And do the Israelites
use Satan‘s trick hoardable money
which feeds The Beast (USURY)?
God Forbids USURY.

Or do they, the wondering Jews,
somehow use
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
The USURY curse,
easily making it possible to pay
The Ransom
for all of
The Captive Land (‘owned’ Land),
where following
the Land is not sold (ever again),
but rented
from Society (The People of The Nation).

The Palestinian people, the workers, probably can see which is right
and which is wrong.
But what about the government
and the governments
of all the rest of the nations in the world which are presently using
the hoardable form of money.
And who is behind
The Evil hoardable Money Plot?
It is Satan.
But you can’t kill Satan.

However you can make him
which is better,
by declaring demurrage (holding charges)
on the hoardable paper money,
a huge accumulation of which
Satan uses as
A Giant
USURY Leverage Device;
a ‘Monster’ weapon
which serves him;
The Invisible Enemy.

To disarm Satan:
Demurrage is holding charges
on paper money,
it is NOT negative interest.
It is paid
when a Post Office stamp
representing the cost for holding money
is bought and appropriately applied
to the backside of the piece of paper money.

All other money, electronic, in the system,
in circulation
these days
all the time,
just moving from one spot to the next.
You need a special device
to even just to see where it is.

But regarding the paper money,
as long as it is hoardable,
it is impossible for anyone to tell you
where it is,
except for the one which is holding it,
and the one which holds the most
by far
in this world as it is now,
is Satan.
And he uses it
as a weapon
to manipulate our market conditions,
even the market conditions
for entire nations,
even the entire world,
as it is is now.

Negative interest, asset freezing, sanctions do not touch the hoardable paper money
US dollar.
And declaring demurrage (holding charges) on paper money does not mean
that it will become obsolete.
But it does mean
that afterwards
only trivial amounts of it will be demanded
or required
by the people.
And this will mean
a drastic dramatic huge drop
regarding all security costs.
Taxes will go way down.

By a miraculous twist of fate,
Satan will actually end up
being our biggest helper,
because when demurrage (holding charges) is declared on money
the force which tries to do evil
only ends up helping good to happen.
Since Satan is behind all of the evil,
this means that
Satan will end up being our biggest helper;

Congratulations Benjamin Netanyahu,
and now onward!
The Deal Has been made,
it is on paper (signed witnessed contracts).
Now for the money.
Declare demurrage (holding charges)
on the US dollar
and that part will be easy,
and it will work much better.

Never again negotiate
in terms
of hoardable money.
All negotiations
must be made
in terms
of unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).
But maybe that is already very clear to you, Benjamin Netanyahu and
President Trump
and Jared Kushner
and all of the other members of
The Demurrage Gang.
Thank you,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris

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