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Russel Lee Morris24/08/2023

Good Money in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

For Tristan da CunhaUsing the traditionalHoardable MoneyUSURY Leverage Devicehas been subtlystrategically,(according to the centuries old […]
Russel Lee Morris14/08/2023

The Natural Economic Order

Here is an important little children’s book,  for adults too, which is of unimaginable importance  […]
Russel Lee Morris18/10/2021

Moses Money and The Desert Wanderers

Moses moved his people into the desert.There is no mention about what he didother than […]
Russel Lee Morris17/10/2021

The Third Shibboleth Meeting is Coming

One cold dark nightin the dead of winterjust below the castlethere was a meeting;a masquerade […]
Russel Lee Morris20/07/2021

Not Long Before President Moise of Haiti was Assassinated

The News Story aboutUnhoardable Money with demurrageand declaring  demurrage on The US dollar continues… Baron […]
Russel Lee Morris24/05/2021

Bitcoin/Dogecoin vs. Trump Money with demurrage

Donald Trump already has a very good relationship with Japan.The Japanese are already heavily invested […]
Russel Lee Morris17/05/2021

More from V

In case you don’t know hershe used to work in the communications interference sector.Now she […]
Russel Lee Morris13/04/2021

The Duke was a Worker

The Duke of Edinburgwas NOT a memberof The Trillion Dollar Club,norpart ofThe GiantCash PAPER US […]
Russel Lee Morris09/04/2021

Mirror City on The Border and The New Levant Region

Is the stock of money,the trillions US dollarswhich have been injected into circulation,  going to […]
Russel Lee Morris04/04/2021

Jekyll Island, Godzilla and Kong

The paper US dollars in circulation,and also including thosewhich have long “disappeared” into The Dark Realms,accumulate […]
Russel Lee Morris27/03/2021

All Eyes on Turkey

Two weeks from now: Angel NicGillicuddy is sent to meet the central banker. They meet […]
Russel Lee Morris18/03/2021

Jesus (The Money part of The Story)

He was a carpenter (homebuilder). It was a family business. His grandpa grew the business […]
Russel Lee Morris09/03/2021

USURY (part two)

Dismantling and Disabling The Secret Cash Paper US Dollar Leverage Device by Declaring demurrage on […]
Russel Lee Morris06/03/2021

Angel Returns to Haiti

for another meeting with Baron Samedi. They meet in the same jungle cabina* but this […]
Russel Lee Morris02/03/2021

A Money Proposal being Presented to The Grand Imam and The Pope

How to be Truly Christian or Muslim The Usury problem solved. * All the Federal […]
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