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Russel Lee Morris05/09/2023

Good Money is in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

Using the traditionalHoardable MoneyUSURY Leverage Devicehas been subtlystrategically, (according to the centuries old same plan)taking […]
Russel Lee Morris24/08/2023

Good Money in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

For Tristan da CunhaUsing the traditionalHoardable MoneyUSURY Leverage Devicehas been subtlystrategically,(according to the centuries old […]
Russel Lee Morris14/08/2023

The Natural Economic Order

Here is an important little children’s book,  for adults too, which is of unimaginable importance  […]
Russel Lee Morris19/07/2023


At this timepreparations for warare being aggressively pursued,you can read it in today’s headlines.Money is […]
Russel Lee Morris08/05/2023

The China
Money Project
part two

The TRUTH,not a bunch of boring technical talkabout ‘value’ and otherSpell Bindingwords and phrases. It’s […]
Russel Lee Morris04/05/2023

China Protecting It’s
Money Decision

China is ALREADYusing a Yuan withdemurrage (holding charges).They started October 2020 **just before President Trump […]
Russel Lee Morris01/05/2023

Real Free-Cities
Not Fake

The Natural Economic Orderin The New Levant Region.Who will rent the ‘worthless’ Border land? And […]
Russel Lee Morris25/04/2023

Never Believe
It’s Impossible

For all The Perplexed Economists.Everyone would have beenjust fine and dandyif President Trumpwould have been […]
Russel Lee Morris11/04/2023

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit,
part two

More secret hidden notes,Reform Club MeetingHistory 101The Money PartVenturing 201 Once The Recession Planis fully […]
Russel Lee Morris01/04/2023

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit
(part one)

Hidden secret notes fromThe Reform Club Meeting Venturing 101,Starting withThe Recession Plan:Cashing out,in fact even […]
Russel Lee Morris21/03/2023


Attention Environmentalists.President Trumphas the better plan for the environmentand the approachfor it’s healingand long termsustainability;Full […]
Russel Lee Morris09/03/2023

Models for
The Natural Economic Order (NEO)

The Burj KhalifaThe MukaabThe LineThank you NEOM.A study inFree-Landof the first class, second classand third […]
Russel Lee Morris24/02/2023

Trump is Headed
to East Palestine

Catastrophe and crisis, even war,and even a terrible Railroad chemical spill,can present the perfect stormfor […]
Russel Lee Morris22/02/2023


Light,Camera,Action Grabbing a pinch of neck skinand lifting a horse like giant cock.“Spray!”A stream of […]
Russel Lee Morris12/02/2023

Angel NicGillicuddy
Meets Trump

Big part ofThe TRUMPWar Negotiationleaked:“The timing is perfect,there is a mega surplus of money out […]
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