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Money Project
part two">The China
Money Project
part two

The China
Money Project
part two

not a bunch of boring technical talk
about ‘value’ and other
Spell Binding
words and phrases.

It’s not an experiment,
and it’s not temporary;
using unhoardable money
with demurrage (holding charges)
has ALREADY been proven
many years ago.
(Max Hebecker and
Michael Unterguggenberger
for example.)

China began using a yuan with
demurrage (holding charges)
in October 2020,
and if President Trump
would have been confirmed
as expected,
then him and Xi Jinping
would have been talking about
declaring demurrage (holding charges)
on the money
when negotiating
and the whole world would have been learning all about
The Natural Economic Order (Silvio Gesell).

But The Money Power Establishment
and it’s Mainstream Media
confirmed Biden,
and so instead of negotiations
all we get now
is war, Economic Recession,
economic crisis, bankruptcies.

The same thing happened just before
WW1 and WW2,
and for the same reason;
businesses were beginning to negotiate
in terms of
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).
Why? …
Primarily to encourage
Reciprocal Trade
(another thing
that President Trump
reminded us all about,
but which MSM deleted).

By now, two years
since the use of
The Yuan with demurrage (holding charges)
was put into action,
A.I. has probably learned a lot
(you know that it learns from us,
it’s just made up information - programmed).
And what has A.I. learned?
let’s look at the possibilities.
First, let’s clear up what it is
that main stream media
would like you to believe;
distorted analysis of
The Natural Economic Order,
and in particular
the use of
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges);
they call it
Negative interest.
It is NOT.
Negative Interest does not touch
The Paper US Dollar for example.

The economists, especially the teachers,
are really facing a strange predicament
these days.
It seems
the only way that they can teach
The Natural Economic Order
(or are allowed to teach it)
is in the language Dogma
which they have been repeating
to their students
for years.
But it is impossible to do this.
The older professors
are especially experiencing

And then, also,
you must know
that most major old established Universities depend on funding
which comes from
The Money Power Establishment
Hoardable Money Gang
The Government(s).

Trump has ALREADY
proclaimed; promised
that he will ABOLISH
The Department of Education
when he returns to office.

and its partners
initiated the A.I. learning process,
two years ago,
which will bring us
The Natural Economic Order,
which will set us on The Path
back to
natural thinking and acting;
old instinctual, natural
(NOT the present habits
which we have developed for ourselves
and that are dependent on
which comes from using
the hoardable money token).

“Copy Nature” *
will be the new motto.
* Viktor Schauberger

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
is intimately involved
in The China Money Project;
the yuan with
demurrage (holding charges).

Fake News
will have you to believe and repeat
that this will be the end
of paper money. 
Don’t fall for this trick!

Paper money
should NEVER be deleted
or overlooked.
It is The Power
in the hands
of The People.
ALL of The Power
is in the hands of
The Invisible Enemy
The Invisible Hand
has complete control;
full on USURY.

God Forbids USURY In His Kingdom.
To Prepare The Kingdom
For His Return
(To Mother Earth)
demurrage (holding charges)
must be declared
on the money;
The National Money,
INCLUDING the paper money.

An analysis of
the yuan with
demurrage (holding charges).
What is A.I. learning
The China Money Project in action;
part three.


 Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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