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The Churches are Suffering

Image credits: Money Cross, Christian cross made from money

Biden prays and says Rosaries,
but his policies
are a “stalling strategy”,
which allows economic conditions
to change
in ways that confuse
deals that were made
during The Trump Administration.

The “stalling strategy”
also makes life more difficult
for the churches,
who are losing money
which would normally be coming in
from tourism and
even just regular Sunday visits.

Joe Biden and his administration
have returned business back to
the old ways
of Government
The Old Land Lords (owners, or sometimes called Ground Hogs)
See the article,
Ground Hog Day
Together they are creating
economic conditions
which will make The Great Cathedrals
vulnerable to
financial collapse,
and eventual inevitable
sell out.
Joe Biden’s bosses
will be the ones to buy them out,
and Jesus will be stuck on the cross
and worse. *
His true identity never being revealed.
See the article;
Jesus (The Money Part of The Story).

Joe Biden prays.
It’s an old trick
from medieval times;
everyone pray.
Don’t pay attention to
The Money Dilemma.
Just pray.
Join the seminary.
Be a monk.
But there is much work to do,
and praying doesn’t get it done.
Economic conditions worsen,
and a return to The Dark Ages
many years long could be the result.
The Money Holders
can wait it out
for a long time.
It’s happened before.
This time
The Churches
will be included in the cheap
Recession/Depression buyout prices.

The trillions $$
which are now being injected
into circulation,
will eventually gradually
be vacuumed out of circulation,
and that cash
will come to “the rescue”
of The Churches,
The Churches will be bought out
and you will see Satan step out of the shadows
and sit himself in front
for all to see.
How confusing and embarrassing
for all the church members.

There is a way out however.
And Church Leaders are aware of it.
See the article;
Money Proposal being Presented to The Grand Imam and The Pope.
Ayatollah Sistani also is aware.
See the article;
Holy Money Meeting.

Joe Biden
has declared The Church separate
from State,
and does not take orders from The Pope.
He is pushing
The Church Leaders to take money matters
into their own hands.
The Churches should not wait.

The Biden administration
could trip and stumble
for many years,
and succeed in their stalling plan,
except that
The Solution has been presented,
The Messenger was
Silvio Gesell
in 1911.
Take a look at all that happened
during that time period,
many confusing events,
all in an attempt
to suppress this Message
(The Natural Economic Order)
and continue the game
the same as it has always been played;
ONLY using hoardable money,
with no discussion
about declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
or possibly using some other form of
unhoardable money with demurrage;
like Church Money with demurrage
Trump Money with demurrage.

Silvio Gesell
rests peacefully in his grave,
while Marx
as well as all the traditional Capitalists
turn over and over.
Because The Spirit of Silvio Gesell
is back,
and it has Marx
and all the Capitalists

to The Abraham Accords
and to using
unhoardable money with demurrage
to assure their success
To Church Money with demurrage.
We cannot wait on politicians
and their economist advisors
who know only about
the hoardable form of money;
Satan’s Money.
I’m NOT talking here about
Trump and Team however.
They understand unhoardable money
with demurrage.
And they
will help you.

Dear Churches,
the delay is very costly.
Spring and Summer
for Farmers
is being effected
by the Biden Stall Plan.
The Deals agreed upon
are ruined by delay.
Economic conditions change.
When we begin using
Church Money with demurrage
economic conditions will not be
vulnerable to the manipulation ( USURY)
any more.
That will end.
Angel NicGillicuddy
I am at your service.

Saint Matthew’s Church of North Carolina
and Monsignor McSweeny
were contacted for reply to this matter
of Church Money with demurrage.
After waiting for several days
the reporter, me,
asked the contact,
“Do you think I should give up?”
The reply came very quickly,
“If I were you
I would?”
What does this imply?
So far,
it seems that
The Catholic Church
is siding with
Satan’s Money; hoardable money,
and not even open to discussing
God’s Money;
unhoardable money with demurrage.
Ayatollah Sistani
has also been asked about
Church Money with demurrage.
Only silence has been the response.

* Those children being brought into
The US
by Human Slave Traffickers,
where will the money they require
for the next 15 or 16 years of care,
where will it come from?
The Church could take care of them easily
by using their own
Church Money with demurrage,
buyable only with
US paper dollars.
It works WAY better
than the hoardable money.
Don’t abandoned us Churches.
please don’t abandoned us
like you did Jesus.

Russel Lee Morris
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