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The Duke was a Worker

The Duke of Edinburg
was NOT a member
of The Trillion Dollar Club,
part of
The Giant
Leverage Device.
He merely tried his best
to follow the direction of the few invisible ones at
The Table
of The Trillion Dollar Club;
them having more
than anyone else, even himself.

However, now
things aren’t quite as they used to be.
Donald Trump is at the table now.
Investigate closer
The First Stimulus Check 2020,
and you will see that it is a lot more
than The Second
sent out under Biden.
There is a big difference,
besides the detail already well-known,
that both checks were signed by
a Senior Bankruptcy Specialist.

The Trump checks
had HIS name on them,
which obviously showed
Trump’s responsibility;
an honorable thing.
The Biden payment
is very mysterious
in comparison.

If you do want a good comparison
for The Trump checks,
look to
the strategy behind
Morris Money ( reference Robert Morris)
and the article entitled
Posthumous Letter from Robert Morris
on the-levant site.

The Duke
and Donald Trump
are hard workers,
both of whom
were unfairly challenged,
their businesses interfered with
and even obstructed
the invisible few at The Table
of The Trillion Dollar Club.

But, according to this source,
an Agreement
was made; an understanding,
that President Trump
would commit himself
to The Trillion Dollar Club,
and in fact
become a player
at The Table
in order to save The US
as well as the rest of the world
from the economic ‘impact’  *
of The Covid attack.
* notice that this is the word used in Biden ‘payments’.
This Agreement was not only between
President Trump and The Duke.
There are others who are with
The Understanding.
See the Levant article entitled
Shibboleth and India.

The Understanding is about

Robert Morris
suffered dire consequences in the end
because of the manipulative effects which hoardable money ‘created’,
that being to instigate
a War
the agents of which
would vacuum up all the
gold money findings of
The California Gold Rush
to finance,
instead of allowing that new money
to remain
in circulation
for the good of
The Economy
and accommodating all the needs
and wants
of The Workers.

The Workers’ natural union
was pulled apart
The War effort
and it’s financier manipulators.

But now,
a new player is at
The Trillion Dollar Club’s Table,
Donald Trump,
and he
with the understanding
of his partners, including not only The Duke,
will see it through
that all the money
which has now been poured into circulation,
by declaring demurrage
on The US dollar.

Will Biden join the partnership?
He is invited.
But does he have the understanding,
about hoardable money
unhoardable money
with demurrage?

Yours truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

This letter was discovered
on my bedside table,
(Angel’s friend
who used to work for
The Human Slave Trafficking business)

Russel Lee Morris
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