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The Natural Economic Order

Here is an important little children’s book, 

for adults too,

which is of unimaginable importance 

for the economy, and Life, on Tristan da Cunha. 

I can see that your little island 

is headed down 

the dark road 

of building an economy based on HOARDABLE Money, 

a very old Beast is sneaking onto your island 

in a very subtle way, 

but so powerful that it won’t be long 

before USURY 

becomes the terrible evil force 

which drives and MANIPULATES 

EVERYTHING on your island, 

just like it has the rest of the world.

It has probably already started happening on your island. 

God Forbids USURY In His Kingdom. 

and God said to Moses, 

“The Land Is Mine, Thou Shalt Not Sell It.” 

Fortunately you have not yet had this (selling Land) happen on your island, 


if your money situation 

becomes distorted 

due to money being vacuumed 

out of circulation, 

then one day 

someone will get a call 

demanding the payment of a money loan (due or overdue) 

the cash will not be there, 

and LAND will have to be SURRENDERED, 

foreclosed upon. 

This happened to The American Indians in America, 

and it can happen on Tristan da Cunha, 

It may be another generation, but it will happen. 

Please I highly recommend 

learning how to prevent this catastrophe 

for your children’s sake. 

I am at your service, 

I can answer any questions, 

You are free to share everything I write or send to you 

with anyone. 

I have been an investigative journalist for 


Dubai, UAE 

for 5 years, 

over 450 published articles, 

and my 16th book 

is just going to PRINT. (Hardcopy). 

I hope that this is just the beginning 

of a correspondence relationship 

that will change the coarse of Tristan da Cunha forever, 

and in fact 

make your little island 

A Perpetual Spring of Free Money; 

money which is not at the mercy of 

being used as a USURY Leverage Device 

by The Money Power Establishment 


Please don’t let this happen. 

You will be trapped and at the mercy of Satan; the worst 

King of USURY

“We all have one common enemy, 

and that enemy’s weapon 

is HOARDABLE money. 

To disarm 

and in fact make this weapon 


on it’s USURER 

declare demurrage (holding charges) 

on the money.” 

Angel NicGillicuddy 

If you want your island to be the Utopia (Paradise) 

I can show you every step of the way. 

Otherwise, if you keep using the hoardable money 

like Adam and Eve 

you will end up naked 

and lost, 

your environment will be destroyed, 

and your Humanity will not have God, 

Satan will be your ruler. 

I am at your service, 

Angel NicGillicuddy 

Russell Lee Morris 

Here is part two 

Of my first book. 

I will send part one in the next email. 

You can also find lots of important information in my Column


at The Liberum.

Russel Lee Morris
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One comment on “The Natural Economic Order”

  1. The little children’s book referred to is entitled:
    A Tale of Two Secret Passwords
    and Money.
    This article is about
    Tristan da Cunha,
    Angel NicGillicuddy
    Stay tuned for more.

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