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The show stopper

Image credits: U.S. president Donald Trump at a G7 press conference. Picture courtesy of Ludovic Marin

President Trump to the press corps;
“I read an interesting article in the news
the other day. Here is what it says. I have it here right in front of me.
Maybe the formal declaration
to begin demurrage charges on The US dollar
will not even be necessary.
We will see,
once President Trump’s economy is put back on its feet. (I mean, workers are working again.)
If for some mysterious reason the
stimulus money
begins to slither away into the dark,
and prices begin to fall
then we will know
that money is being hoarded
or held prisoner by somebody or some entity.
Maybe the “interest ransom” asked for
will be paid
or maybe the stolen held money
will just sit in a cave
or float away in a ship
or on a submarine
or be used to increase the human slave trafficking business
while prices go down
and factories slow down
and workers get laid off
and then prices go down more
and wages get cut
and production processes get shortcut
(which is bad for the air and water)
and maybe the money in the cave will be used to pay off the mysterious rebel forces
and buy them guns
and maybe some of the money in the cave will be used to pay main stream media
in the form of advertising “games”.
Or even
the “cave” money could be used to pay campaign costs for certain governors who are totally dependent on their political position to pay their family needs and mortgage. Yes, certain governors or speakers of the house could lose their home.
Where would they get a job if they lost election? What can they do? Only write a book maybe. Actually someone else would most likely have to do the writing.
And who would publish it? ...
The same money that was supporting them while those politicians were sticking with the agenda (of The Cash Mob Elite).
They would do this
in the desperate hope
that it would shake things up so much that their agenda could result in the trouble making
good guys,
who really know how money functions and how to do business
would not take over and get the ship sailing in the right
But if all of this doesn’t work then maybe the plague will be called upon to destroy the “crops”
or keep the workers from creating them
so that factories begin to run into
financial problems
and the whole production process falls,
unless certain key business players at very high levels understand that industry
can be shifted
and survive
by building other needed and clever things like a steel wall and steel military “apparatuses”.
And the workers who were doing
and other unnecessary
costly “work”
could shift
onto the production line
or the construction line
building homes or factories or ports or roads
so that we can finally have enough of homes and what is needed for
to be comfortable.
But just in case all this gets interrupted again,
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
will do the trick and keep things going
from now on without interruption from
The Beast
ever again.
The Beast (USURY)
in fact
will become our servant.
* See the article in The Levant News
called USURY.
Meanwhile, perhaps we can just pretend
that our money
carries demurrage charges,
to inspire us to find a place
to invest it or spend it.
That’s what I do.

(Don’t read this part)
Big smile on President Trump.

It’s very easy to cause a “locust” plague.
You just use a “bug repellent”
to force the bugs
into the areas that don’t have the “repellent”.
The result will be that the locusts cause twice the problem for those countries without the repellent. What is the best repellent?
If the “locusts” are the problem
and declaring demurrage on The US dollar
is the repellent then you may not even need to spray. Just say the words Israel.

Russel Lee Morris
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