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The Third Night

V and Angel are working together
on this evening.
It is very hot out,
all the windows to penthouse are open
and a warm breeze is blowing
through the room.
Angel and V are hanging out
beside the refreshing cool pool
in the middle of the room,
watching the exotic fish.
Too hot for shirt and pants here.

Knock knock, at the door.
“Come in.” both girls respond
at the same time,

Angel greets her old friend.

“Good evening. Thank you Angel.
A bit warm up here isn’t it girls.
I know what you’re up to,
just trying to get me out of my jacket.
Well OK, look … “
And he removes his tie
and then his suit coat.
What a beautiful evening, such a big bright moon.
And you girls are looking well as well.”
He casually walks over to have a seat at a Majestic looking old wooden table
and smiles.
“I am hearing that you have good
financial advice to offer.”

“The best Sir.” V lays back
on the edge of the pool.
Angel sits with her eyes half closed meditatively
and smiles at the guest

“What do you got? …
What do you want?” she says to him.
Donald smiles.

She continues:
“You know about Declaring demurrage
on The US dollar, right?”
Donald nods affirmatively.


“Look girls,
it’s coming.

V sits up quickly
to see what he’s talking about.
She doesn’t see
what she thought she might see.
“Oh.” she says a little disappointed.

Donald is focused.

“I can see your mighty ship,
The Moo-La
anchored not far from my shore
in Florida.“ 
He takes a deep breath, being with his breathing, and then continues.
“There is a plan.”

V stands
and stretches
her arms high above her head, 
she shakes her hair
and then sits back down to listen
Angel is contemplating and smiling.
A bit of sweat rolls down her neck.
She takes a deep breath and exhales relaxing.
And being with her breathing.

“It was started long before I received office. Here’s a story you can add to your book,
little Angel.
I had reached my ‘debt ceiling’,
as they like to call it.
To me, it’s a very obvious oxymoron.
Let’s say this,
I had gone down the path of debt
so far
that I had reached the point
where a cash deal was required.
That’s when I found out
that the name of this path
should most definitely be called USURY.
I was at a certain point on this path,
close to the very end actually,
when I received a message.
I was invited to a meeting
by someone whom I had heard about
but I’ve never actually met.

“One evening
a pigeon landed on my open windowsill.
It was a magnificent sunset that evening.
I saw from my desk that it had a note wrapped around its leg.
The bird had no problem
with me removing the message.
It was the invitation.
I returned the bird to flight
with my response attached to it’s leg.
The next evening I had the meeting.

All I wanted was money to build more accommodations.
That’s my business you know, accommodating people
and helping them
to have a good time.
My accommodations
in combination with casinos (Free-Money*)
and now
Indian Reservations (Free-Land*)
were sure to be the proving grounds for
The Natural Economic Order,
whereby like magic, real magic
the consequences of all
that USURY has manifested
would be reversed;
all environmental damage
and all humanitarian damage

“I just went to the party to meet some people who had money.
They denied me.
Probably because I denied their
disgusting dirty proposition.
I met them, yes,
seven heads,
a monster,
The USURY Mammon,
in The Forbidden City
deep in a cave.”

“Been there.
They denied me too.”
(see Preliminary Meeting and The Settlement)
She walks over to the cool pool
and splashes herself.
Then she splashes V,
who was listening
but rather jiggled to attention
as if she had been suddenly
shaken from a fantastic dream.
“Whew.” and she collects herself
as if she had been interrupted
in the middle of a dream love session.
She paces a while
and continues listening.

Angel walks over to the table
and rather closely
but not too closely
but close enough so that he could smell her, she leans over the table toward Donald
and says,
“Thank you.
I knew you knew.”

In the middle of the table
right between Angel’s boobs,
there stood
an old Persian looking
She took the bottle in her hand.
It warmed up
and glowed a deep brilliant color of blue.
“It’s time for you to meet
our very special friend Donald.”

She removed the top
and set the bottle
back on the Majestic table.

“Silvio Gesell.”

Blue lava
began to flow out of the bottle.

To be continued …

Russel Lee Morris
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