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The Third Shibboleth Meeting is Coming

One cold dark night
in the dead of winter
just below the castle
there was a meeting;
a masquerade meeting
about money.
There were two manic voices
speaking about hoardable money,
they were unable to even conceive
of unhoardable money with demurrage and declaring demurrage on The US Dollar,
they had practiced the use of
hoardable money
for so long
that they had developed habits
and ways of acting (and being) which unfortunately
made them very good
at a very bad thing; USURY.

The others at the meeting
were thinking to themselves
they know not what they are doing”.
they were being with their breathing.
They were able to listen very closely
as the voice of
The Spirit of Silvio Gesell
could be heard in the darkness
like a harmonious tuning fork,
with crystal clarity.
A warm glow was upon the great hearth where there blazed
a comforting fire.
Standing next to the fire
was Angel NicGillicuddy,
she paced back-and-forth.
There were several young people
at the meeting
from all sides.

The Third Shibboleth Meeting 2022
is coming soon.
For information comment below
or respond to @insideanatom Twitter.

Topics which will be covered:
Negative interest is a trick don’t be fooled,
it leaves the paper US dollar
completely untouched
and still able to infect everything.
The Pope and
Church Money with Demurrage.
Declaring demurrage on the US dollar
to fund
the basic income with demurrage,
we need this distribution mechanism.
Trump Money with demurrage and
The Plan
to defeat The Beast
and in deed
make it
the humanitarian
and environmental problems
with cannabis and hemp
as the core product
of places like Mirror City,
using local
unhoardable money
with demurrage.
it goes much deeper than interest rates.
We will see it (USURY)
from the perspective of Jesus
and Mohammed,
and understand it
with crystal clarity,
and we will learn how it’s horrible effects
in less than one year,
environmentalists and humanitarianists
are welcome.

Russel Lee Morris
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