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The Worgl Story Uncensored (for all the alternative currency folks)

Here is the part that
The Cash Mob Elite
will not
ever allow
to be mentioned and especially never discussed.
They will try to run it down your throats with this part removed or censored,
because they know that
war divides
The Workers;
it takes many of the good young ones
off to battle,
and not even to win a lot of the time.
But I’m not referring to President Donald Trump when I say that. He won the battle,
and was bringing the troops home and thus uniting
The Workers
in celebration.

Even Michael Unterguggenberger
Mayor of Worgl, Austria 1932
knew it wouldn’t last. *
He tried anyway and got “squashed”
 just like Swankirken
10 years earlier.
But Michael U. demonstrated something
for us to all hopefully see this time,
in Worgl 1932;
The State must be
part of the negotiations.
Like Trump does,
you got to meet with the bad guys
to negotiate.

The troops marched down the street of Worgl, 
the military troops.
But remember,
the clashes really began much earlier.
Yes there is always a clash at some point when Paper Money (US Dollars)
begins to be vacuumed
out of circulation. Even back then.
It makes it hard to pay back loans especially,
with the consequences of
the usual bad things starting to happen.
Like little clashes.
Ultimately the clash boils down to
who has the most ammo
will win.
And it becomes obvious very quickly.

We’re going to do something a little different here, we’re going to get right down
to the bottom of it
now, without first explaining all of
what was happening
in the illusion.
Here we’re going to deal with not the illusion but real tangible things.

Ammo is a cash only business,
and since poop (for making gun powder)
is the primary raw material,
and the processing is most conveniently
and easily
done in the desert,
then the clash predicament
boils down to
money for poop. Or rather
poop for money.
Bring us your poop
and we’ll give you money,
which you can use
to buy ammo
which we
for a profit.
At least you don’t have to borrow money
and pay interest on it. Right?
Interest is a part,
way more than 50%,
of the price
you buy.
But we’re not gonna waste a lot of time explaining all that here. That will be for history teachers to do later.

Back to making gun powder,
and fertilizer too
by the way …

If you do it right
a factory is not even needed.
And the land is “free” (wasteland in the desert)

So, here is what we do
in Mirror City.
The Haitians,
and all the other groups,
of workers
are already gathered
and even being fed.
It’s perfect timing.
But there will be one huge difference
this time,
in Mirror City
ONLY the use of
unhoardable money with demurrage
manufactured by the state,
a small state in this case,
will be allowed
as the medium of exchange
in Mirror City.

To be continued…
This is part 12 of a new series,
the rest can be found under ‘Angel’
on this site.

* Reference a newly released comic book,
The Treasure of Worgl
Peter Zimmerman
Andreas Wehrheim
Thanks to them
and their illustrations of
the early fights breaking out
and the troops invading
and the epitaph on the grave stone
at the end of the story
the censored part
comes to light.

Also reference
The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell
1958 Peter Owen (RIP) edition
Only the original.

Russel Lee Morris
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