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“They’ll never outwit me"

I have friends in Haiti,
where there’s plenty of cash
US paper dollars,
and Nations World.”
The Beast,
Who is now on the side
of Angel NicGillicuddy
is laughing.

“ I created the system of
and interest.
It is very naïve of my disciples to think
they can compete
with me.

The Pope,
and the rest of the puppets ...
they are NOT at ease,
though they pretend to be.
All they have left is paper money.
No wisdom.

I was their Ruler,
but I have LEFT THEM.
I saw
The Writing on The Wall.
I am not blind
like beady eyed Joe,
better keep your sunglasses on
because you won’t even be able
to look people in the eyes.

I’m with Angel NicGillicuddy
and Trump and Team
and The Demurrage Gang.

And it will be a pleasure to watch you fall;
who continue
with the hoardable Money.

You weak beady-eyed ?@#!*
I will haunt you
and chase you
even as you try to escape
into your basement
or into your other hiding places,
even straight into the caves Joe.
I will corner you
even if you try to cause an avalanche
like Baghdadi.
I will dig you up
and I will INVITE you
and all of your followers
to ONLY accept
The US dollar with demurrage;
ONLY the money which has been stamped up-to-date
with my approval.

I have no worries
because I know
that when we begin using
The US Dollar with demurrage
no matter how hard The Forces of Evil try

How does that sound my friend?”

“Send it !”

The Beast
Baron Samedi

Russel Lee Morris
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