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Three and money

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Angel receives a call
from someone who says he’s a leader.
She is quiet for a few seconds
then says to the caller
“I’m listening.”

Silence on the other end
and then
“How would you like to have a cup of coffee?”

“Who may I ask is calling?”

“The Prince of Darkness.”


Silence on both ends of the line ...

“What would we talk about?”

Prince of Darkness:
“I have a very big stash.
And I thought perhaps
you would have some ideas about investing it somehow.”

“Hmmm. How much do you have?”

Prince of Darkness:
“Quite a lot.”


Prince of Darkness:
“And much more.”

Later on
late one night
they are having their little coffee meeting.
The Prince of Darkness has been showing Angel some pictures from home; the Castle which sits upon the mountain in the middle of the majestic city underground,
deep in a cave.
He shows her lots of pictures of statues and artwork. All originals.
And some pictures of his family and friends who are mostly just lying around and doing nothing just lounging about
in their fancy chambers.

They are meeting in a very unusual coffee shop.

and then ...

“Hey, I heard you guys talking.
Can I join you?
I just got fired.
I was an interceptor for The Dark Forces.
I got assigned to intercept your message Angel. But after reading your message more and more
I agreed with you.
And I could not interfere with this message...
My heart told me this.
I have finally found you.
I’m here to work for you.
And you as well my friend.”
The new girl is looking at The Dark Prince,
not knowing who he is.

The Dark Prince sits quietly and just observes.

“Welcome” Angel replies.
“Sit with us. You have come to a good place.
Since you’re familiar with the whole Plan
to declare demurrage on The US dollar,
you may be able to help this gentleman
invest some cash.”

The new girl introduces her self
to The Dark Prince,
“I’m V.” she says.
“And yes, I can help you with your stash.”
She raises her eyebrow
looking at The Dark Prince.
“I wrote this poem while I was sitting over there eavesdropping on your conversation.”

From next to her heart V takes out
the little note.

The Entertainment Empire;
Shifting sands,
Protection from high waters,
Protection from high waters.
The Great Flood,
Money free-ed to circulate.
And The Land,
also free-ed from captivity.
The Natural Economic Order,
Silvio Gesell.

Silence for just a few seconds.

“Hey, let’s make a movie!?

Both girls smile at The Dark Prince.

Strong thunder strikes outside.

The girls smile.
The Dark Prince looks
from one to the other ...
back and forth.

“To the moon.” Angel says.
“We got the rocket.”

And they both clink their cups with
The Dark Prince’,
his cup still sitting on the table.

to be continued
The Message is rising;
declare demurrage on The US dollar.


Russel Lee Morris
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