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Triller Trump Collaborate for Knockout Fight Event

Image credits: President Donald Trump hugs the American flag as he arrives to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC 2019, in Oxon Hill, Md., on March 2, 2019. (Courtesy Carolyn Kaster)

Donald Trump
The Ultimate Contender,
Triller has launched  the Platform
for The Biggest Battle in History;
Trump vs
The Cash Mob Elite Establishment;
“just a few people” (Trump’s words)
who are manipulating 
everything in your world.

You Donald Trump
are the ultimate contender
to CRUSH them.
They talk (MSM gossip)
while you act;
jab, uppercut,
every punch having maximum effect because you know how to use money
WAY better than they do.
I can see that you are prepared to win
The Biggest Cash Battle ever,
The Money Armageddon.
The Beast is falling,
and soon will become subservient
to The Mighty Worker,
whom you Donald Trump represent.
Cheers to you sir thank you.

The idea to join Triller
inspired followers all over the world.

Donald Trump + Triller =
One Really Powerful Broadcasting Device.
Donald Trump + Snoop Dog + Ryan K. =
A collaboration which will save everyone.
ALL the money world is in a predicament.
Snoop danced to Marvin Gaye’s song
“What’s going on” at The Fite Event.
Snoop knows.

It is indeed a war of prophetic scale.
The Money War continues;
Trump Cash
The Money Power Establishment,
they hate Trump.
And Trump doesn’t like them either,
because they cut him off
from continuing his work;
accommodating people
and helping them to have a good time.
This business was expanding
to include more people
and more people were able to afford it.
When asked for investment advice last night
Trump recommended
the hotel and entertainment sector.
I would take this advice seriously,
the idea is to accommodate everyone
and help them to have a good time.
The rest of Industry
will follow
in supporting this quest.
A brilliant insight
inspired by Donald Trump.

Thank you Triller.
Thank you Seminole Indian Tribe,
owners of the Land upon which sits
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino,
where The Event was held.
Thank you to all the wonderful performers
from Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, I hope I’m not missing any. All genius.
Thank you 9 year old D’Corey Johnson
for singing The National Anthem,
captivating. Brave. Inspiring. Heartfull.

This Event was spectacular.
Even though Evander lost,
he got back up.
What a champ.
True warrior.
A reflection of America after 9/11
and like Trump said,
“We will get better. The best is yet to come.”

The Triller Event
was a display of true warriors,
which is not a wrong thing to do
on 9/11.
It shows our (and the world’s) strength.
And this patriotism was shown proudly by
Brazilian Warrior Vitor Belfort
as he waved the American flag
before entering the ring
and also in the ring.
Thank you Vitor.
And thank you Evander.
You were knocked out of the ring,
but you were there again
in seconds.
and true representative of America.
I look up to you.
There is no weakness in this black man.

The Trump commentary was solid
and enjoyable.
And thanks also to the other very delightful commentaries. Genius collaboration.
So many people to thank.

Trump spoke almost entirely of the fight
and fighting.
He knows this game,
and this particular aspect of the game
(The Triller Fite)
does touch
upon LOTS of money; Cash,
and everything which can be derived from it.
Trump is master at deriving the most
from the cash at hand.
With his partners, Triller Team
who are also genius,
that “cash at hand” 
passes from hand to hand
and this
is what is winning The Game
for Trump
and Triller
and The Seminole Indian Tribe
(other Indian Reservation Casinos will
soon join this list)
and more to come.
The Workers
are winning
in this cash

The odds on all four fights last night
were broken.
Lots of money is changing hands now.
How many of those
“We Love Trump” chanters
are putting their money on Trump?
Another Triller Fite Event is being organized now.
This one for $30 million.
Imagine $30 million changing hands quickly, moving through many hands
under the guidance of Trump coordination
in partnership with international Triller
and The American Indian Tribes.

The Biggest Battle
is coming soon.
Trump vs
The Cash Mob Elite Establishment.
I predict a knockout by Trump
with one blow;
Declaring demurrage on The US Dollar
or maybe
Trump Money with demurrage
or maybe …
Pope Francis will step in the ring
and proclaim
Church Money with Demurrage.

Thank you Triller Team
Ryan K.
Seminole Indian Tribe

Maybe a Sumo Match
can be organized,
and Emperor Naruhito
will join the betting pool.
The semi-lottery operation
will get even more strong.

The Cash Mob Elite Establishment
don’t stand a chance.
Leaders from all over the world
are already beginning to bet
against them.
The contender Trump
and everyone in his corner
has been preparing,
and they know
The Kryptonite
which will CRUSH
The Beast; USURY
and it’s worst disciples;
“those few people” (as Trump says)
who are manipulating
you and the whole world
with their trick
hoardable money


I’m putting all my money on Trump.
He’s immune to the Kryptonite
because even though he may rake in
tons of winning bets,
he doesn’t hoard the money anyway.
He knows how to use it
for investment.
And that helps us

There is one hold
which must be barred,
and that is
hoarding money (holding cash money
from circulating
The Playing Field
will be level. (Trump’s goal,
he said it many times,
but MSM “missed it”)

You will see miraculous competition
much greater than was ever presented
by Jesus.
Like He said,
“You Shall Perform Miracles
Much Greater
Than Mine.”

Russel Lee Morris
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