Image credits: The former U.S. President Donald Trump (The Levant News archive).

Just a few days ago
Trump had a Rally in Conroe Texas,
located central and convenient
to several huge cities,
there was a very impressive crowd, 
estimated 90,000 people,
30 miles of cars lined up
coming from Houston, Dallas, Austin, and lots more BIG cities
and small towns.

The video wasn’t available;
it was taken down or censored,
for a couple of days,
then finally it is possible to witness
Donald Trump
relaxed like a professional
very seasoned fighter,
the huge crowd very well mannered,
listening very closely.
Most of the time while Trump is speaking there is complete silence and attention.

Trump strolls out,
the crowd is electrified,
in a very good way,
a safe way,
a dedicated
united force.
A Sea of American Flags
is waving in the background.
It is a legendary historic vision.

A few minutes go by before he speaks, 
in the meantime
it’s like two very well appreciated friends
just smiling at each other,
and all this massive crowd
of happy proud people.

The site of the rally
is an amazing demonstration
of how hard-working this movement is,
there are
big shiny cranes on hand,
huge TV screens,
huge lights,
huge grandstands, …
all of it sparkling,
even the long line of outdoor toilets.
This crowd is well taken care of.

He starts out
thanking everyone
and acknowledging where he is,
and who he is talking to.
This is important you know,
for future reference.
Then he throws out some jabs
to get everyone’s attention.
It takes that these days,
stories about murders
committed by illegal aliens
and reading The Snake.

And then, as he often does, he makes a clear practical reasonable statement
of the way it should be, for example,
‘People can come to this country,
but they must love our country
and they must come in

It is like a direct hit to
The Monster with several heads;
The Biden Beast Puppet
of The Cash Mob Elite Establishment.
But Trump doesn’t waste a lot of time
punching at The Puppet.
There is ‘behind the scenes’ news
to tell,
which will be much more effective,
even cutting at The Puppet’s strings
a little bit.

Trump tells several stories;
personal accounts
of Presidential experiences,
informing the public of all that
The Mainstream Media
is not printing
or printing backwards like some kind of

He tells all about
the only strategy The Democrats have
these days,
suing Trump.
But Trump is not phased,
he is much smarter than them,
all they have is money,
but Trump has closed in on that now.
The Democrats are getting very wobbly.

But Trump is playing by the rules,
step by step,
never backing down,
always moving toward victory.
There won’t be a Civil War,
that is not in The Plan,
Trump knows better.
It’s all about the money.

Trump has raised $122 Million
of donor cash,
the average donation being $30.
What does that tell you?

Trump knows
the best thing to do with this cash,
Angel NicGillicuddy has been writing about it for years,
go to

He will be placing a huge bet
with the support of half the country,
probably more.

TRUTH Social launches
February 21, 2022
President’s Day.

Trump made no mention
of his media business during his speech. However he did encourage the huge crowd to boycott
Direct TV and a few other media ‘pipeline‘ companies for interfering with the broadcasting of his last Rally speech,
OANN was even canceled
by their carrier
Trump thanked the owners of OANN
for their hard work,
and gave ATT
a warning.

“The Media are the enemy of the people!”
Trump said it loud and clear, 
looking right into
the eye of the camera.

Trump made a comment about
the ocean water rising a little bit.
He’s not afraid of change.
He knows
we must always adapt
to changes.
For example renewing infrastructure;
ports and bridges and roads
along the Florida coastline
from Miami to Mar-a-Lago
with the most up-to-date technology
and with a budget that doesn’t cut corners,
using Trump Money with Demurrage,
so that maximum care can be taken
including environmentally.

Cash paper US dollars
are the focus of Donald Trump right now
in this
World Title
between The Establishment
The Workers.

Janet Yellen just released a statement
which revealed her nervousness
about The Establishment’s
cash position.
It’s a very weak statement.
The Fed is wobbling.

Trump is standing firm,
breathing deeply, relaxed, confident.
He knows how money functions
way better than the present administration,
and he knows
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
will disarm them completely.
It will drain The Swamp they live in.
It’s like an ‘environmental crisis’
for The Cash Mob Elite
Money Power Establishment.

But Trump knows how to adapt
to all the changes;
Trump Money with Demurrage.
And when his title
is rightfully returned to him,
Trump will declare demurrage
on the US dollar.
the  playing field will be leveled
and we will see
competition as it should be,
as Mother Nature intended,
without special privileges
and the unfair competition which comes with hoardable money.

Every Nation
has problems with
The Cash Mob Elite Money Power Establishment Globalists.
Trump is fighting
to defeat this Beast,
which will benefit
not just The USA,
but the whole World
and even beyond,
to other worlds.

I am with him,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Thank you Donald Trump!

Russel Lee Morris
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