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President Trump has once again
let the light
of The Natural Economic Order
shine through,
in his latest video statement,
on Truth Social and Rumble,
March 3, 2023,
about building complete new cities;
Freedom Cities,
on State ‘owned’ land;
Nationalized Land,
where the rent
of this Land
is used to provide services for the people,
none of it going into the deep pockets of
Old Established Land “owners”
as unearned interest income.

The State at present ‘owning’ about
1/3 of all the US land,
only a very small portion of this land,
less than 1/2 of 1%
will be involved
in the creation of these
wholly new
Freedom Cities.
These Freedom Cities
will not need lots of land.
Instead of sprawling urbanization,
like the environmentalists hate so much,
these cities,
using the latest technologies,
including vertical takeoff and landing
Air Mobility,
will build UPWARD,
similar to The MbS NEOM Concepts.
Electronic cars are no comparison.
Building upward,
in accordance with
the Free-Land teaching
of Silvio Gesell,
in his book
The Natural Economic Order. *
* Beware,
MSM has distorted the message in this book to confuse or dismiss it.
Watch how these two Leaders;
MbS and TRUMP,
lead the way
of cooperative competition
and competitive cooperation.

Building upward,
the rent of farmland
surrounding these strategically placed
new Freedom Cities
will become much LESS costly,
and this,
along with the logistics advantages,
will make food growing
much more of an economically satisfying thing to do,
the savings of the rent and shipping costs being transferred to the worker,
and not just in the agricultural sector,
a natural economic
will follow this concept of building
new cities complete,
so that the sun (literally and figuratively) never gets blocked again,
to shine majestically
in our beautiful, miraculous
work and living spaces,
inspiring us onward.

A big part of this economic
will involve
demurrage (holding charges)
on money,
which will assure
that all of this hard work
is never jeopardized by
Economic Recession and Depression.
We will finally arrive to the place;
full capacity production
uninterrupted nor distorted,
where we can be truly sustainable
Attention Environmentalists.
There will be lots of opportunity,
CLEAN, in the widest sense of the word, development and refinement,
in every sector,
with more of the price
of everything
going to wage and salary;
The Worker.

President Trump’s statement alone
is already attracting investment.
And who is making this investment?
Farmers and Miners for sure,
given the strategic placement of these new
Freedom Cities,
and Builders;
Hard Working Patriots
of all kinds,
in the widest sense.

And what about
The Money Power Elite? …
Given that these new
Freedom Cities
will come with
The Iron Dome Missile Defense System,
it looks like ‘they’
will be in check,
maybe check mate,
as more and more National Leaders
adapt this strategy of building
new strategically placed Freedom Cities
in their own country,
on their own State ‘owned’ Land.

on top of the great advantages
that these new modern cities will have
for attracting ‘citizens’,
President Trump is in promoting a new
Baby Boom Era,
for supporting and developing
these new cities
to adapt,
to any and all changes,
without interference nor distortion,
for a new future.

If you wonder why President Trump
is so confident,
it is because in the back of his mind,
he knows
The Natural Economic Order
very well,
and not even war distracts his attention.

America was always destined,
it was intended,
to break away from
The Money Power Establishment,
and now, finally,
there is a legendary Leader
on the scene,
strong, experienced
and independent
who will get the job done.
Thank you
President Trump.


 Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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