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to East Palestine

Trump is Headed
to East Palestine

Image credits: Former U.S. Donald Trump Trump Brings Trump-Branded to Ohio Residents After Train Derailment.

Catastrophe and crisis, even war,
and even a terrible Railroad chemical spill,
can present the perfect storm
for introducing
The Natural Economic Order.
Biden will show up at the same time
as Trump,
that way it will be more obvious who
The Railroad
and East Palestine
want to work with.

Like when Robert Morris
made the deal
which financed
to make possible
George Washington’s Delaware Crossing
and the surprise attack
against the Hessian soldiers
in The American Revolutionary War,
Trump makes the deal
that will finance the surprise cleanup
for East Palestine, Ohio,
and the surprise comeback of
The Railroad Business;
huge infrastructure impact,
huge economic impact,
and it’s just the beginning.
A huge victory
is just on the verge,
a sure winner
using Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges),
which will far out shine anything
Biden offers.
Watch who The Railroad goes with.
Watch who East Palestine, Ohio
goes with.

it could even be
that part of the deal
includes a land part,
granted to Trump
in lieu of interest,
for development after clean up,
land which will accommodate
a successful, environmentally sound
money making business,
but land which is not owned,
as in bought and sold,
but rented
from Society,
and where this rent money,
with no interest going into deep pockets,
is equitably shared
with all the Mothers (for their children)
East Palestine, Ohio.

The sure winner
that will set the groundwork
for a
Trump Comeback
that will take back That Beautiful
White House
in a way you have never heard of before.
But now you will, thank you,
The Liberum,
Angel NicGillicuddy
This same deal
can be made
there are lots of possibilities
in The Natural Economic Order,
The Journey
is just beginning.

Russel Lee Morris
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