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Image credits: Former US President Donald Trump (The Levant News Archive).


The Way back
to Paradise
on Earth.
Whether you’re spiritual or not
the whole world is about to transform; everyone, everything.
You will see it, you will feel it from the smallest to the biggest.

There will never be desperate
and distorted
actions to cut costs
Business Plans
with TMTG
will never be interrupted
by money being withdrawn from circulation and just held
for the calculated amount of time * *
You will not see this USURY
in the eyes of everyone
(even so-called Christians)
during negotiations.
Declaring demurrage on The US Dollar
will make The Beast

* * However long it takes
for the foreclosures and the sellouts
to begin,
or you could just call it

I have a business plan,
but I don’t want to take the risk
that my children,
whom I plan to leave my business to,
will suddenly and unexpectedly
have to deal with a sluggish and confusing and mysterious **
economic recession cycle.

So that I am able
to hand over
my life’s work
 in good shape,
and so that it continues living
in a healthy economy
I will get on board with TMTG
and follow the great ship
The Moo-La.

Upon boarding
I must exchange
dollars (the hoardable money)
for unhoardable money with demurrage,
either entered into a bank account
with any one of the various new banks
who do NOT accept hoardable money
with anyone of the various new
other financial institutions or advisers
who do NOT deal in hoardable money,
ONLY unhoardable money
with demurrage.

The product of TMTG
Clear Communication,
Clear Negotiations,
The Clear Channel.
It will be very noticeable
right from the beginning,
from the moment
The Magic Money Token
is Purified
and hoardable money
is not allowed
ever again.
This is Alchemy.

Oh yeah,
of course if you like,
if you prefer
you may exchange your paper US dollars
for paper money;
simple paper money
with 52 spaces on the back of each note; 
a place to stick the weekly
demurrage stamp **
and President Trump’s picture on the front.
It won’t even be necessary
all the security measures
which you may immediately think upon. Why? …
Because there won’t be huge stashes
of “invisible” paper money
being strategically
held **
** Again this equals USURY.

Note: You may use the search box on
to learn about any unfamiliar terms
regarding ‘money and demurrage’.

When you make negotiations using
Trump Money with demurrage
The Beast
will no longer be the Master.
You will no longer see it
in the eyes of people you deal with.
The news, even main stream news
will change dramatically!
It will no longer be told
using the perspective of
the money holder
and hoardable money.
It will be told
quite naturally
from the perspective of
The Worker,
in the widest sense,
which of course includes
Donald Trump.

The Focus
will become clear
you are with
You don’t even have to understand
or even agree with what I’m saying,
you just need to join, come aboard
and you will see.
you can remain
God damned
paper US dollars
and deal with all the
It’s enough to make you sick.
I wouldn’t advise it.

Welcome aboard
our great ship
The Moo-La
and experience:
Business growing more and more
using flexible adaptable
micro “factories”,
way less pollution,
free natural migration,
no more Beast
lurking in the shadows
of the people you talk with. 
Even better,
The Beast
will be become
Angel NicGillicuddy

But where can you get reliable information
in case you want to actually be a part
Trump Media and Technology Group?
Come on board here,
we will take you there.

Russel Lee Morris
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