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Image credits: Former U.S. President Donald Trump at his latest rally.

The Moon is waxing strong,
the stage is being set
for a New
and Improved
which will set a new
historic standard

The Meeting Room
of The Demurrage Gang,
Angel is pacing and pondering
around the room,
V is standing in front of the huge window, stretching and looking
at the beautiful sunset.

“First of all, there are no secrets. EVERYTHING that happens in this room
is NOT a secret.”
Angel unbuttons her sweater,
V takes her sweater off
and Mosley is the controls,
making sure cameras are on everything, including close-ups.

Donald Trump is at the table
along with the Farmers,
and the Miners
and Land Owners …
and a whole bunch of people
are watching EVERYTHING live,
as it develops,
at home on
TRUTH Social,
using the newly installed
communication system.

Angel opens the meeting:
“Mr. Warden Sir,
thank you for all you and your team are doing regarding the care of the prisoners.
We are pleased to work with you.”

Angel and V bow with respect.
Mosley nods his head.
Trump gives the thumbs up.

“Here is our proposition.”
Angel smiles.
“We take a good chunk of revenue
which results from The Trump Rally(s)
and loan it to you,
as a paper US dollar loan
exchanged for
Prison Money with Demurrage;
simple paper money
with 52 spaces on the back for
demurrage stamps,
and on the front
maybe a picture of Jesus,
or a group of Children.

This money is to be used to pay
worker prisoners.
Nothing is mandatory here,
each person can decide individually
whether or not to participate.
A Basic Income with Demurrage
will be provided;
enough each week
for a cot in a cell, 
shared facilities
and very basic meals
and very basic clothes.
This money,
The Basic Income with demurrage,
will gradually melt day by day little by little and by the end of the week
there will be a zero balance in the
prisoner’s account
just before the next payment is received.

To those who choose
to participate,
The Worker Prisoners,
We will begin a construction company
and we shall build a miraculous
Transformation Town,
with a budget that is always sufficient;
it is impossible for
Prison Money
to be held back.
Transformation Town
will have living accommodations, businesses and more.

All the Worker Prisoners
will be paid
Prison Money with Demurrage
which requires
a demurrage stamp
to be placed on the back
each week
by the holder of the money at that time,
the stamp will show that
holding charges for holding the money,
otherwise known as demurrage charges,
are paid in full,
otherwise the money is worth less
and less,
eventually dying like anything else natural.

Every participant will use
Prison Money with Demurrage,
it will be the only kind of money
used in
Transformation Town.

This Plan
should help the problem we now face;
too many illegal immigrants.

But to be a part of
Transformation Town
you will be required to pass through
The Money Gate,
there will be a wall around
Transformation Town,
you must register, be counted,
and exchange all your money for
Prison Money with Demurrage.

all money coming into
Transformation Town
by relatives and friends of prisoners
must be exchanged for
Prison Money with Demurrage.

This original cash loan
of paper US dollars
will sit in reserve,
out of the hands of
The Swamp Monsters, 
and as business grows
in Transformation Town
the money coming into this Region
will also grow.
But since it takes MUCH LESS money
to run the economy
using unhoardable  money with demurrage compared to hoardable money,
there will be a surplus of money
which will allow the loan to be paid in full,
very quickly,
and personally given back
by President Donald Trump
to the people who loaned this trick horrible hoardable money to us in the first place.

And they can hold onto it
for the rest of their lives, if they choose,
or they can invest in
Transformation Town,
but ONLY by exchanging their paper US dollars  for
Prison Money with Demurrage.”

V bounces up from her seat,
and says,
“Excuse me,
as she spreads her arms out wide,
and takes a deep breath,
then exhaling,
and thinking to herself
and being with her breathing,
“All respect to Jesus,
but I believe we should put a picture of
a group of babies
on the front of the money.”

She puts her hand’s together
and sits back down.

“But nothing elaborate.”
Angel smiles at V
and blows her a kiss.

“Thank you Mr. Warden Sir
we are so grateful you came.
Thank you for you time and attention.

See you at the next Meeting
The Demurrage Gang.”

Russel Lee Morris
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