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High up
in the tower
of the chamber of The Beast …
One night
as Angel and V
were getting ready for bed
a pigeon landed on the window sill.
The girls looked at each other and smiled.
“I’ll get it!” V says softly.
(Reference the article entitled,
Not Long Before President Moise of Haiti was Assassinated)
She stops just in the middle
of changing her clothes
and bounces over to the great window.
She looks out at the stars
and then removes
the note from the bird’s leg.
“Thank you Love.”
and she gives the bird a handful
of some very special seeds.

Reading the message:
“Oh, we’ve been invited,
well you’ve been invited,
well kind of invited
for an interview.
A limousine is waiting for you
at the front door.”
She looks at Angel sitting on the bed
cross legged,
kind of meditating …
“Oh, yes, yes … yes.
I’m receiving a good feeling about this.

An hour later:
In The Great Hall
with the huge fireplace
and cool leather seats …
“What is your first question?
Anything, ask me anything.”

Everyone is seated at a very old
majestic table.
Angel is at the head.
She takes a deep breath,
“I feel really good.
How are you all?”
… Just the sound of the fire crackling
and casting weird looking shadows
on the walls and ceiling.
“Do you want to feel good?
I think I can help you.”
She stands up and leans back
to stretch her hands up over her head a little and then sits back down to the table.
She pulls something from her backpack
and stands it on the table.
This time it’s not the old bottle
that contains Silvio though.
It’s a big dildo cock.

“This is demand.
Because it is already big,
like erect and hard,
this attracts more demand.
Eve and Company
has lots of demand.
And it is always growing.
You could call it
the never ending BOOM.
And why is demand growing,
You could say,
just because it is enlarged.
And it just keeps coming.

“In our business
the product
AND the demand
are both compelled
to meet in the market.
Why? …
Because of the force 
which is
and this
compels the money
to be offered
for the exchange,
so that the Demand
is money
and the money
is demand.
If you are begging or wishing
and don’t have the money,
in our business
you just end up horny,
which just compels the worker.
Begging and wishing
are not any part of demand
in our business,
there is no credit,
just paper money US Dollars
which are real and can be seen and felt,
like everything else in our business.
And they are compelled
to be offered for exchange
because of the force of orgasm
which drives our business.
We never have recessions.

“Meanwhile, all along,
Angel points to the rest of those at the table were busy messing around with
and interest rates,
and casting all about
this illusive word
‘value’ ;
intrinsic value, constancy of value,
measure of value, preserver of value, conserver of value, concrete value,
store of value,
medium for transfer of value,
on and on
in order to create illusions.

“A long time ago,
when I was Eve,
I learned all about how you all operate,
from The Serpent himself.
is The Oldest
the business of
Eve and Company.
We not only have the most cash money
by far,
we also know, we know you,
we have knowledge,
we have been with you
just like Eve
was with The Serpent,
and we know everything,
all of your secrets*
all along
and right up to
*Also a long time ago,
Marco Polo spilled his seed
and his secrets
during his visits to China.

“So money, as it is, because it is hoardable,
it needs a force to keep it from just sitting somewhere doing nothing.
I’m talking here about paper US Dollars.*
In our business
that force is orgasm.
In your business
the force is
embarrassment of the one
who has the product to sell,
which must be sold because it is deteriorating,
who needs the money,
to buy (or invest or loan or
just deposit in the bank for them to put
in circulation)
and therefore to complete
the exchange process.
That is the natural state,
not an exchange which remains open,
whereby fear and tension
and heat
as it has been for ages.
Attention Environmentalists.

“To encourage the natural state
Declare demurrage on The US Dollar.
The effects of USURY
will be REVERSED
as if by some kind of
In one year
you will see complete transformation
of everything,
including all that has been manifested, 
as a consequence of using
the hoardable form of money
for so long.

“You will move backwards
along the same path
you have gone so far
til you end up back where you started;
in Paradise.
But do not look backwards,
or you will cry so much …
until a pillar of salt is all that is left of you.”

Angel gets up out of her chair,
takes her jacket off
and leans over the table.
“Here are some instructions.
With each instruction
you will see more clearly.

“The first instruction is about value.
Value is a phantom,
it is a ghost.
Don’t let it lead you astray.
is what matters.
Not the future price,
not a hypothetical price,
but the price that is known;
yesterday’s price.”
And Angel removes her pajama top.

“The second instruction
is about the will
of the possessor
or the holder
of money.
Here again
I am speaking of paper US dollars money,
the kind which can be seen and felt
and held.
Using hoardable money
allows the will of the possessor
to come into play,
and this will
is always naturally aligned
with the ego.
The ego is
your God given
for protecting
The Temple; your body,
especially what is
in your mind.
Whether that Temple
is distorted or not
is another matter.
To purify and cleanse The Temple,
declare demurrage on The US Dollar,
and make The Beast (USURY)
Evil may never go away completely,
but when we begin using
unhoardable money
with demurrage,
we will easily be able to manage it.”
And Angel removes her bra.

the third instruction …
USURY is forbidden
by God.
Money was not meant to be hoarded,
like pussy and hard-ons
were not meant to be hoarded,
I mean because of the orgasmic
She removes her pajama bottom.
“Just one year
for complete transformation
of everything,
after demurrage
is declared
on the US dollar.
you will get that orgasmic feeling
all the time.”

* In these days of microsecond transactions all the digital money
is constantly circulating.


Russel Lee Morris
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