“Trying to Confiscate
Trump’s Property”

Trump told us this
at the Pennsylvania Trump Rally.
Now watch
what the power of The People
can do:

A precarious situation
can lead to an even better view
as we move further along
The Path
of The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell,
and Donald Trump.
The Journey is just beginning.

What do you do
when your property is being confiscated
by a fake government,
as in the case of Donald Trump?
You re-organize the rest of your property, especially the land part,
keeping all of the magnificent structures operating just as they are
but regarding the land upon which
the structures stand,
The People’s Land Trust,
where are the land is bought
The People
for the price of the land rent capitalized
at the going market interest-rate.
And exactly as it is laid out
in the Silvio’s book,
war time is the best time to do this:
The People
purchase Trump’s Property Land
(and maybe
the failing airports property land too).
And the people pay for what they purchase, they compensate the landowners.

Adapted from pages 89-94
of The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell,
revised English edition 1958 by
Peter Owen Limited
The Trump Property Land
once purchased
by The Peoples’ Land Trust
is leased by way of public auction
in which every inhabitant of the globe, without exception,
can compete.
The rent so received
goes to The Peoples’ Treasury
and is distributed monthly
in equal shares
to mothers **
according to the number of their children.
** more details regarding this can be learned in The Natural Economic Order,
or you can ask me, Angel NicGillicuddy.

Regarding the purchase price:
The purchase price is based on the rent which each piece of land hitherto yielded
or would have yielded.
The rent thus calculated
is then capitalized **
at the mortgage rate of interest,
and this amount is paid to the landowners
in interest-bearing
‘State’ securities;
not one penny more or less.
** capitalization of rent means
calculation of the sum of money
which would yield interest equal to the rent.

If the price of these ‘state’ securities
is to remain stable,
this rate of interest must be adjustable.
It must rise and fall
with the market rate of capital interest,
this being the only way
in which these ‘state’ securities
can be protected against speculation.
And it will certainly be in the public interest to protect the capital of billions of dollars against the raids of speculators,
especially as these securities
will in many cases
be held by persons
without financial experience.

The finances of this plan
will then present this aspect:
The rents of the properties involved
amounts annually to, say, $10,billion
with interest at 5%,
‘The People’
pay the landowners
an indemnity of                 $200,billion
with interest at 4%,
an indemnity of                   $250,billion
The interest to be paid on $200 billion
at 5% is                                  $10,billion
If the market rate of interest
now falls to 4%
the interest on the 200 billion
must be reduced to                 $8,billion 
whereas the rents, at first,
remain stationary at                 $10,billion
Thus the finances
of this new plan show
an annual credit balance of      $2,billion
This balance will be used to cancel
part of the debt,
and the sum on which interest is to be paid will be reduced by this amount,
whereas the rents continue to flow, undiminished,
into The Peoples’ Treasury.

It is proposed to introduce
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
simultaneously with the above plan.
It’s effect will be
to reduce the market rate of interest,
so that the rate of interest
on The Peoples’ Land Trust Securities
will also be automatically reduced,
from 5 to 4, 3, 2, 1 and finally 0%.

Using Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
will maximize
the productive capacity
of the workers; The People,
and this will encourage
development of the land.

One of the things which will happen
as a result of this high level of production, 
in the widest sense,
is a transition
from intensive cultivation
to extensive cultivation,
in the widest sense.
Why? …
Because the workers wage is higher
with extensive cultivation.
Extensive cultivation also
leads to more organic activity.
Attention Environmentalists.

By the time the first 20 year lease
is up for renewal
the economic conditions will be
the very best they have ever been;
and industry will be on the path
of continuous refinement
and easily sustainable.
Attention Environmentalists.

Everyone will have a home;
the number one goal will be finally reached.
The Border
and Defense (for protecting
all the hard earned wealth)
will be GREAT, super strong.

As a consequence,
how much will the highest bidder
choose to rent land for?
I don’t think so.
Competition in every form will be so great. Even rent on land will be drastically reduced.

And so,
the two darkest plague spots on humanity will finally be removed;
interest on money
and rent on land.

Did I just come up with this plan?
Silvio Gesell did
100 years ago;
The Natural Economic Order.
It has lived through
The Holocaust
an Atomic Bomb.
You cannot stop it.
It is the plan for
The Workers’ Union
and without the interference (USURY).

God’s Kingdom
Shall Be Prepared
and He Will Come,
He Will Return,
and The Great Union
Will Be:
The Father, Son, Spirit
Mother Earth, Nature
where Light
fills The Kingdom
and only pinpoints of darkness
occasionally appear.
But these are easily managed using
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges).

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris

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