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Two Busloads of Vikings sent to D.C.

Image credits: Scotland's Fairy Glen on the isle of Skye: a magical landscape

I remember this story from
Before Shibboleth, the little booklet.
The Alchemist Priest
was worried
that he was losing his power
which he had acquired over the many years of practicing Usury
with his secret Leverage Device
the hoardable Money.
He had gotten very good at this ability
to manipulate just about anything
to his advantage,
even if that advantage
was terribly devastating
to the environment
and all the people.
It was actually even terribly devastating
to himself
since he was becoming increasingly paranoid,
seeing that more and more people
were getting closer to unveiling his secret.
And even worse,
certain key people were in meetings
to plan for the ultimate purification
of the defect in his secret weapon,
the trick hoardable Money.

Even The Faeries of Scotland
knew that money must decay;
that money must carry demurrage
or holding charges.
And they offered their assistance
to anyone seriously pursuing
this path.
See the article
‘The Faerie Letter’
on this site.

And now The Faeries could see
that coming their way
was exactly this person,
the perfect person to carry out
The Mission
of declaring demurrage on the US dollar;
President Trump.
He was coming actually
not only on behalf of his own country,
but all the countries in the world
and even on behalf of the very wealthy aristocrats
who were having trouble
collecting the interest themselves
on loans and land,
which even certain Capital buildings
stand on (D.C.)

But The Alchemist Priest,
the crooked one,
which is referred to in the book
Before Shibboleth,
had a different plan, and that was ...
just to hire Vikings;
hungry hard up angry people
who would do ANYTHING for some money,
and which would cause trouble
and destruction
and stealing
so that MORE loan money would be required to fix things.
The interest
would just have to come from
the vacuuming up (Hunter style)
of some of the cash
later on.

With the military working alongside him Trump The President
is on his way to this meeting in Scotland which will turn the plan
of the crooked Alchemist Priest
upside down.
And even the Vikings
and the puppets
and all the people who know not
what they are even doing regarding money will be so happy
in the end.

Like magic
the spell of USURY
will be reversed.
The Faeries know this
and even they
will be nicer to us
when demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.

Angel NicGillicuddy ?

cc: Hugh Magnus MacLeod of MacLeod

Russel Lee Morris
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