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Uncle Tom's cabin revisited

Image credits: Lithograph poster (1899) for a production of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,' by Harriet Beecher Stowe

The slave ships of long ago
never returned to their country of origin
The ship’s captain sold slaves for lots of cash
and then he bought goods.
And the cash
which they received for the slaves they sold
was much more than what was needed
to fill the boat with goods.
The Slave trafficking
was a desperate method
for managing the food deficiencies
in the country of origin
as well as a way to continue
making the payments on the boat
(including the interest payments).
And lots of the extra cash
was brought back to the country of origin
and helped their economy.
And the cash was loaned out
with more interest included.
Loaned out to the amount
of leaving only 10% in reserve.
All of these loans carrying interest
which ultimately
must come from the sale
of natural resources or raw materials,
or MORE slaves.

And why did the farmer plantation owner
these black slave workers?
Because his original help went off; left
to start their own businesses farms plantations.
And compete.
This left the South
with a worker shortage.
Over the years
being forced to pay higher wages
put the plantation owner farmer
in a difficult predicament
regarding payments on the mortgage
of the land.
Also difficulties making payments on
The farm and other equipment
coming from the Northern industrialists.

This in turn
put the northern industrialists in a predicament where they also were beginning to have difficulties making payments
even just the interest part.
Cost cutting
became the name of the game,
and one of the quickest easiest costs to cut
the worker’s wage.
It soon became evident that the cheapest labor
was coming from
the black slave business.
The plan proceeded
to not necessarily buy slaves
but to steal the ones
from The South
in a sneaky way;
by helping them to escape.
And even better,
all the helpers
would be looked upon
as heroes.
But they were all innocent;
they knew not what they were doing,
nor whom they were really helping.
That is, regarding money.

This plan of acquiring cheap labor
did not just start
in The South of The United States.
IT began long long ago,
in the story of
where the hoardable
form of money
(which used to be metal)
allowed for massive accumulation
in order for the money
to be used in very subversive ways
to leverage and manipulate market conditions,
and basically everything;
all movement;
all energy exchanges.

Where did the Southern plantation owners
get so much cash
all at once
to be able to pay cash for a slave?
(remember they were already
in the cost cutting mode)
Most likely
IT was a second mortgage on their property
(the Land included)
When the Northern Industrialists
started stealing the slaves
by helping them to escape
to the North,
the Southern plantation owners
saw what was going on
and started planning
to strike back.
They drew a line
(The Mason Dixon Line)
and threatened to impose tariffs
on The North
for food.
Winter was approaching.
And any other sources for food
were far far away
and would be a long time arriving.
That’s when they (The Northern Industrialists
and there money sources)
began financing
President Lincoln,
and coercing him
to “free”
the Black Slaves
from The South.

The Plantation Owners’
Tariff Plan
was not supported.
And so began
the military strategy.
But where did the money come from
for arms buying?
No doubt the food which was sold to The North
would bring more money now.
And these business dealings were very unusual.
Probably there was even some
barter trade
food for guns.

In any case
arms dealers made money
by supporting and promoting the conflict.
All of this shady business including
the human slave trafficking
was done using cash money.
At that time
Silvio Gesell had not yet revealed
the ideas behind
The Natural Economic Order
and unhoardable money with demurrage.
It was all unknown;
not even an option.
Now it is.
And it would end the funding
for all of the shady business
and the consequential
desperate activity,
including the terrorist activity,
which is secretly operating
within and amongst
the peaceful protesters.
IT makes the peaceful protestors
look bad.
The best way to manage this problem is
to unfund it;
take away the source of financing
for the terrorist cells;
paper cash money.

Ships brought this cash money
long long ago
during the Civil War,
and it still does so today,
example Venezuela.

Probably President Lincoln was beginning to understand the predicament
regarding the creditor collector
which came knocking
in the first couple of pages of Uncle Tom’s Cabin,
by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
And perhaps President Lincoln
was beginning to take steps
to address this problem
just before he was shot.

But alas,
all is not lost.
President Trump
is addressing the problem now.
And so is Angel NicGillicuddy,

Russel Lee Morris
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