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Uncle Tom’s Cabin The Untold Story

What’s true here is also true for
The Palestine and Israel story
the story about
the Khoekhoe nomadic people of Africa
and the German Land Agents
the one about
The American Indian people
and the colonizers.

What do they all have in common?
The Credit Trap
The Hoardable Money Trick,
which CAUSES
the economic
ups and downs
which every child will witness
as stress
in their parents’
words and actions
before they are 15 years old.

It’s built into
The 30 year cycle
of The Common Mortgage
that an economic BUST
is actually happening
that The BUST
will happen
before the 15th birthday.

The BOOM and BUST cycle
also takes place (is forced)
sometime before
the length of time it takes for a TREE
to grow big enough to cut down for
hence the reason
many mountain towns which were made rich
from the timber business
back in the early years
collapsed into rust and rubble.

And how long does it take
before farm land
and is in need of

of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe
writes for the reader
a very clear visual
of the meeting
The Credit Collector
The Desperate Hard Worker
which has been caught
The Credit Trap.

For those of you
who were supposed to do this
in High Scool,
did ANY of your teachers
ever even mention this,
much less
have a discussion about it?
But obviously
this was the most important thing
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wanted the reader to experience,
it’s the whole FIRST CHAPTER.

The reason this book was banned
was because
many of those who could read,
especially those in The South,
were very familiar with
The Credit Trap
described in the FIRST CHAPTER.
And they
began to unite,
“drawing The Line”
against The Northern Industrialist
Factory “Owners”,
who were in fact
themselves caught in the same
Credit Trap.
That’s why THEY
the cheap slave labor
from The South,
and called and payed
for President Lincoln
to “free” them.

Who is really the one CAUSING
the problem?
Forget the lawsuits,
they are just expensive dramatic
trouble stirring
money laundering
advertisement attractors.

Declare demurrage on The US dollar.
Or you can take Trump to the stand,
where he will gladly
tell you the whole truth
The Trick Hoardable Money.
He’s not worried.
He is looking forward to it.

The people are not to blame.
ALL of us
are FORCED into
the sad economic conditions
which trick us
to do things we would rather not,
like commit USURY *
which is forbidden
by God.

The PAPER US dollar
is the weapon.
Disarm it
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.

If this is not done soon,
then there is a
Backup Plan.
And maybe it’s even better;
Church Money with demurrage
or else
Trump Money with demurrage.

to calling Trump
as witness.
This time
it won’t go like it did for
Silvio Gesell.
it is clear;
The Gossip
is just for stirring trouble,
and keeping
The Workers
so that
The Big Money HOLDERS
can continue
The money I’m talking about is

More about Uncle Tom to come.
Just know this;
Tom’s Boss
loved Tom.
And Tom
loved his boss.
The boss’s Son
a bankrupt farm.
He also loved Tom,
like a father.
And Tom
loved the Son
like his own.
It’s all in the book.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

A letter received by V.
It was on her bedside stand one morning.
After she read it,
she shook the guy who was sleeping
next to her
and said,
“Hey Senator,
you may want to take this to work with you today.”

* see the article entitled USURY

Russel Lee Morris
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