Up The Amazon

We are there.
I have made it to my destination.
A little kid was first to greet me.
He heard that I was coming today
and waited all day long
for me to come through the last stop
before Mapia, Brazil.
we had an hour to hang out together
as we floated along The Amazon.

“Why are you coming to Mapia?”
he asked me.

“Good question, I said.
I love why questions.
I am coming to Mapia to save The Forest,
and The People
from the grip
of The Beast, USURY.
The Celestial Bodies are with us.
And now I ask that
The Stars of The Santo Diame
be with us.

Often I hear people discussing
in a discouraging way,
the story about deforestation;
the logging business.
Most of them never even mention
the word
But I will save that for another discussion.
They just go on with their
discouraging discussion,
dissing the whole humans race,
while I sit there and listen
with a few other little kids,
thinking to myself,
I could add so much to this conversation,
but I don’t want to make everyone uncomfortable,
I believe in MAGA and MBGA **
and it’s the holiday season.
** Make America Great Again
Make Brazil Great Again
Make Italy Great Again
Make Iran Great Again

“I believe in MBGA!” he says enthusiastically and confidently.

I respond, “I do too!”

We affirm our alignment
by pretending to clash our mugs together toward the crescent moon,
bumping our fists proudly
and with respect for both countries.
And then I continue …

“I will relate to a recent special edition of
The National Geographic,
you know them don’t you?”

“Oh yes.
he says.
They are here often.
I think they act a bit fake, 
and there’s something fishy about them.”
And he laughs.

“Well!” I respond,
a little bit surprised,
but then,
realizing how unafraid and practical
this young boy is.

“I would say
that we have something in common
you and I;
Common sense.”
And we both laugh.

Let’s continue our discussion” I say to him, very curiously.

“In this May 2022,
special issue
of the National Geographic
there are lots of articles about
Saving The Forest,
not a single one even mentions the word interest,
not even the word
but interest on money
by far
the biggest cause of deforestation,
far far beyond anything else.
Here we have a very common theme,
which appears in all fake news. **
They never talk about
** see the article
Blocked by Mariana van Zeller
at www.theliberum.com

“For the use of money,
we are all paying interest,
you could call it
the interest tribute.
Because otherwise,
we are stuck with barter
or primitive production,
The first is not convenient at all,
and quite impossible a lot of the time.
Can you imagine a barter system
in Mapia,
where all the visitors, domestic and foreign, must barter?
The second requires that all visitors,
domestic and foreign,
somehow make for themselves
everything they need
as if they were alone.

Mapia is already at the stage of development where the division of labor
is already too far along
to go back to using
no money.

The division of labor
is the dividing up of work tasks
to get the job done,
paying the workers
with money.
The division of labor
depends on money,
so this way of getting things done
MUST be supported
all the time, non-stop.
If the division of labor breaks down,
lots of people will quickly lose their job, which will not be good for Mapia.
Just for example,
what if the guy who goes to get the gasoline runs out of money?
What about the guy, or the girl,
who goes to get the chainsaw
fixed or replaced,
or the generator
fixed or replaced?
What happens if that person
runs out of money?

money must be there,
like blood must be in your body,
to circulate the necessary elements
for your body,
or for the community.
And for the use of money,
the interest tribute must be paid.
Why I just explained.

To who?
That is also a good question.
But in this lesson,
it really doesn’t even matter,
just know that it is going
to the people who make
the cash money loans.
The ones who make the credit loans
are dependent
on the ones who make the cash loans.
I’m talking about paper money,
like what you might see
in a suitcase sometimes.

this so-called suitcase money
is always what we call
hoardable money
these days,
it has been for thousands of years,
since even before
The Great Pyramids
were built.

People say,
How did they do that?!
just staring in disbelief.
I can tell you,
I can tell you how the magnificent art
and architecture
of The Great Renaissance
was accomplished too.
… it was all done
by the use of money
for the payment of workers
in the division of labor,
miracles can be done.
like Jesus said,
“even greater than Mine.”

The problem with this suitcase money
is that it must be paid back
exactly as it was loaned,
as paper money US dollars most of the time these days.
Because in order to have
national paper money,
US money is required,
and even if this money is credit,
the ability to pay the loan back
is still very dependent
on having a good stable economy,
and because paper money,
especially the paper US dollar
is hoardable
it can be vacuumed
out of circulation,
and this causes
bad circulation,
even China is vulnerable to this problem.
And when you have bad circulation,
what happens?”

“You get sick!” says the little boy.

“Very good, I said.
What is your name good friend?”

“I am Jordan Roberto Sebastiao.”
he responds proudly.
I am named after
some very special people in our community.
You can call me Jordan.

bad circulation of money
means a sick economy,
and a sick economy
very directly means sick people,
people whose blood is not circulating properly,
where all the elements necessary for Life
are not getting to the places in the body
that need them.

And now,
for just a little bit more
comprises more than 50% of the cost price of everything bought.

For example,
let’s take the few things which you have
in your home,
or as part of your home:
the lumber used to build your home
just for starters,
beginning with
50% of the cost of the saw
which cuts the lumber, then …
50% of the cost price of each and all
of the components
which that saw is made of,
50% of the cost price of the factory
which the saw was made in,
and all of the components
which are part of getting that saw transported to where you need it,
and 50% of the cost price of all and every component involved in the creation
of the “vehicle” for transporting those things, which is called
and I’m not talking about a computer.

Infrastructure is not a computer.
The computer
is part of
and it has the effect
of putting ALOT
more pressure on
For example,
the use of computers
means a lot more vehicles
crossing the same old bridge.
The bridge must be upgraded
to accommodate the computer
or any improvement
in the means of commerce,
and it must happen
the improvement in the means of commerce.

And that is why we have not yet seen
President Trump
or President Bolsonaro
demurrage (holding charges)
on money.
demurrage (holding charges)
on money
is a major improvement
for commerce.”

“I think I understand, but wow!”
Jordan says,
with a smile.

“That’s OK,
I am here to show you
so that you can see it.
can show the world.
Most important is this:
50% of the deforestation,
in the widest sense,
is not even necessary.
It is only done
to pay the interest tribute
for the use of money, hoardable money.
And in times of war,
the problem is compounded drastically, because interest
is more expensive during times of war,
and in order to save money on a project,
for example a deforestation project,
activity is drastically increased,
so that the money loan
can be paid back more quickly,
and less interest will have to be paid.
But this does not help The Forest.
this approach
makes things much worse.

My Mission is to stop this
over aggressive activity.

You are able to perform
much more than you presently do,
if only you weren’t working
double time
to just pay the interest tribute, …
half the trees cut down
would still be alive today.

Follow me Jordan.
Stick with me.
we are going to create miracles,

The two of them hug
as the boat pulls up
to the dock of
Mapia, Brazil.

Just then
Jordan realizes
he doesn’t know the name
of the person he’s talking to.
He opens his eyes wide in disbelief and shakes his head a little bit,

“What’s your name?” he says.

“I am
Angel NicGillicuddy.”
And they both smile
looking at each other softly.

Russel Lee Morris

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