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US Dollars on their Way to Putin

With all the Biden sanctioning
US Dollars just aren’t needed so much
so Putin has declared
all payments be made in
Russian Rubles,
preparations to fill orders for Rubles
are being made now,
so start collecting your dollars
to to buy Rubles.
As a result,
who do you think will very soon have lots of US dollars?
Biden and The Swamp
will have way less.
Trump is pulling ahead more and more
in all kinds of ways
and he is strong with cash.

and Putin;
Good Cop
Bad Cop,
won’t have to be so concerned about
Biden Interference now,
that interference being
unfriendly foreign government agents moving on to
foreclosed properties
in Ukraine.

And so maybe Zelenskyy feels safer
opening up more to talking about
contracts and negotiating
in terms
of US dollars,
which are hoardable
and which seem to get vacuumed
out of circulation
just when the loan collector
comes knocking.

‘Who is doing this?’
is not so important right now
as is the remedy for this problem,
and that is
to declare demurrage
on The US dollar
as soon as possible.

We have all of the detailed instructions
for doing this,
it has been proven to work
and be successful.
It is a long-term approach,
which should settle
The Climate Activists,
and Humanitarianists.
but it also has miraculous effects
short term.

to The World Stage
at this most propitious time,
The Way Out,
Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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