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Why did The USA HOARD it’s Natural Gas Resources for all the years BEFORE TRUMP ?

President Trump changed that,
and now The US can help The World
much more
much better,
and without the pollution
and risk
and unnecessary consumption
from so many ships crossing the oceans.
Attention “Shipping” (logistics) Empire
Now the oil and gas flows in much safer pipelines. This is even better for
The Indians of America,
wherever they come from.

President Trump encouraged this type of action
from all The Nations.
Mainstream Media missed the historic
real and helpful story entirely.
is their product.

“The Rights of Nations
ONLY extends to what has been formed
by Human Hands.”
Silvio Gesell

President Trump’s approach leads to
Hello environmentalists and humanitarianists,
Take the money away from
the Globalist Organizations
and use it to control
pollution and research
in your own Nation.

Why has China been making the product
for so much of the world,
especially the leading consumer USA,
for so long
and contributing so little
to The Globalist Gang?
China creates the MOST pollution !
Mainstream Media missed that question too.

President Trump changed that,
he encouraged all the nations
to do the same as the USA;
do what you can with your own
natural resources and workers

But that requires MONEY of course. Declaring demurrage on the US dollar
is A LOT quicker
than waiting on approval
from the money HOLDERS
for another LOAN.
There is PLENTY of money
already here,
it’s operating in The Dark Realms.
What does it mean to argue against this? ...
It means that you support
The Dark Forces.
You have been forgiven (Jesus did that)
but now you can change your ways.
Support The Message to
Declare demurrage on the US dollar.
Make it a part of everything
that you support already.
Hello environmentalists and humanitarians
and protesters of every kind.

If the US dollar
is left in the same traditional hoardable form then A LOT of the money
for all the CARES and COVID stuff
will gradually
get vacuumed up (biden style)
very subtly,
and this will cause even MORE BAD stuff; MORE poor people,
especially because
depend so much
on the US paper dollar.

If you don’t think there is much
paper US dollars out there,
you’re wrong,
unless you can tell me
how much is HIDDEN.
Nobody can do this.
And therefore
to manage the hoardable Money system.
where it has got us.

But eventually
will come into The Light,
when demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.

causes WAY more problems,
than Covid.
And there is no conspiracy involved in this conclusion.
Declaring demurrage on the US dollar
will take care of the poverty problem,
and of course
help with research Covid.”
@insideanatom Twitter

I invite the American Indians
and any other “indigenous” peoples,
and environmentalists
and humanitarians,
or naïvely
continue to support The Dark Forces.
The US dollar is this Force.
Who has the most paper US dollars
are the gang
that manipulate and control

It only gets WORSE
when more new money
of the hoardable kind
is loaned.
The unknown EVIL entities
behind all the puppets,
holding them up,
know this well.

President Trump has no strings attached,
he is not a puppet.
He knows all about
how The Swamp Monsters work and
in The Swamp
of cash paper US dollars.
He got very close to them.
He owned a casino.
Why did it go bankrupt?
How is it even possible
when the house rigs all of the machines? Trump knows all about that.
He came face-to-face with ME
and I refused to continue
his operating loan.
I think that was the last straw for him.
He had good intentions;
creating comfortable accommodations
for people
and helping them to enjoy life.

That is when Trump started PLANNING
to declare demurrage
on The US dollar,
way BEFORE he became president.
The Plan was going well.
I was even on his side now.
I saw The Writing on The Wall.
Then my stupid !@# disciples
came up with
the fuck up of history.

But it’s not over.
Like I said,
I’m with Angel NicGillicuddy,
and she is with Trump
and Jesus
and Mohammed
and Silvio Gesell.
And we
shall overcome.

The Beast

god damn there is
You just have to know the right questions to ask.
I will help if you don’t.

* Reference the last few articles under the header ‘Angel’ on this site

Russel Lee Morris
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