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The Beast becomes subservient
using Trump Money with demurrage,
in exchange for US paper Dollars ONLY.

In The Chamber of The Beast
V and Mosley
are making love.
It’s a freezing cold dark snow covered
silent night,
they are lying on the big bearskin rug
in front of the nice cozy fire,
listening to the wind howling outside and …

“I have the statistics for the insurance industry at my fingertips.”

“Tell me more.”  V whispers in Mosley’s ear.
“And don’t stop.”
She takes a deep breath
and holds him closely.

“The insurance companies will thrive
and be a solid source
of all kinds of valuable
directive information
and relief, financial relief,
much more reliable and stable than ever, when demurrage is declared
on the US dollar.”

They look directly into each other‘s eyes, there is NO trace of USURY
in their dialogue because
they are NOT talking about
hoardable money.

“Tell me more about
Trump Media and Technology Group.”
she says.

He speaks softly in her ear,
while kissing her neck occasionally.
“Their product;
will be superior
to ALL the competition.
Why? …

Using the US dollar with demurrage, requiring paper US dollars only in exchange at the door,
you could call it
The Money Gate.

Using the traditional
hoardable form of money
The Beast; USURY
and that is forbidden
by God.

will have the clearest channels anywhere, free from the interference and distortion
and interruption
which comes with

The present state of affairs
regarding communication
has been just about completely engulfed
because The Beast; The Other Master
has complete control.
Because hoardable money feeds
The Beast,
and this is the ONLY form of money they use for all the present channels.

Using the simple paper money
with Donald Trump’s picture on it
and a place for demurrage stamps
on the back,
will have no interference from
the USURY influence,
in fact,
The Beast will become subservient,
like it is with
Angel NicGillicuddy.

COMMUNICATION, the product of TMTG
will be superior
to ALL other channels.
And the only cost for this superior product
is the demurrage charge on money held,
and there won’t be much.
Hold it as long as you want.
Hold as much as you want.
No one is forced to do anything.”

V looks at Mosley again.
“But you won’t see The Beast
in anyone’s eyes
where Trump Money with demurrage
is used.
You will see TRUTH
which bypasses the mind,
you will feel it in your heart,

The fire crackles
and casts a golden glow on their skin
as they both smile,
thinking to themselves,
something very special is happening.

Russel Lee Morris
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