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USURY (part two)

Dismantling and Disabling
The Secret Cash
Paper US Dollar
Leverage Device
Declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
or else
Trump Money with demurrage
or else
Church Money with demurrage.

More rules and regulations are no threat
at all,
and freezing assets
doesn’t touch the invisible
of PAPER US dollars
that make up the “arms”
of The Giant Octopus Monster
and it’s
Secret Cash Leverage Device
for manipulating
our market conditions.

It’s The Perfect time
to declare demurrage on The US dollar
now that so much new money has been
The Beast will benefit most,
and MORE Workers will become

Don’t be fooled,
The Establishment
would love to have us talking more and more
Capitalism vs. Communism.
The Cash Mob Elite
can easily wait it out,
while in the meantime
prices fall
and deals fall apart.
And then eventually,
The Buyout Plan
is put into action
by The Cash Mob Elite.

If you believe in Communism
then you must also believe in,
throwing all the wages into one pot
and dividing them equally.

And now,
The Secret Leverage Device
would begin “melting”
the day demurrage is declared.
How long would it take
to dismantle enough of it
to disable it or disempower it? ...
Year one;
10% melts,
where does it go? ...
Into circulation,
where it helps
The Workers,
this means 10% more “power”
for The Workers,
and The Secret Leverage Device
10% LESS.

And since unhoardable money with demurrage with demurrage WORKS
much better than the hoardable Money
(It cannot be held back)
industrial and agricultural progress is improved,

The effect of this is not only better efficiency,
but also better environmental conditions. *

So much of the hoarded Money
will decide to find
a good investment
instead of trying to
“hold” out.
Why? ...
Because the smart holders
will see
The Writing on The Wall,
and give up their evil game
of Hoardable Money and USURY.
This will weaken the stubborn holders
even more.
Eventually though,
the smart stubborn ones
will give in and
to find a
good investment.

What about the harmful, destructive, distorted investments (USURY)
that the “hoardable money holders”
were so good at;
one of the “tools”
used to control
that there is and always has been
a general shortage of housing (entry level) ?
... It does not “pay”
to invest “unhoardable Money
with demurrage”
in destructive investment.
If I decide to blow up houses
or factories
or ships,
then I make a hole
in the infrastructure.
in order to fill that hole,
more money is needed.
with hoardable money,
a “loan to rebuild”
could be HELD BACK
for a calculated period of time,
for the economy to slow down sufficiently
for prices to validate
the chances
for a good return. (prices with potential to increase).

Using unhoardable Money
with demurrage (The US dollar with demurrage
or Church Money with demurrage
or Trump Money with demurrage,
the loan money
canNOT be held back.
It must find a place; a good investment quickly, or it sits “melting”.
The torturous
Waiting Game
of The Money Holders
does not work.

There is much less gap
between the destruction and creation
(or re-creation),
And soon
The Workers
The Beast (USURY)
In fact,
The Beast

Attention Church Leaders
and Environmentalists and

Russel Lee Morris
The Liberum runs on your donation. Fight with us for a free society.
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