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More from V's penthouse (part II)

Image credits: A smiling US president Donald Trump (photo courtesy Al Drago).


“It’s hot in here.
Are you hot Angel?
Let’s go out on the veranda
and discuss this heat problem; I mean the climate situation.
Please join us Mr.Sir friend President Trump.”

President Trump: Looking up at the stars
I think you know this;
and you too V:
Allowing industry to develop and refine
without interruption or interference
will help our environment and ecology
and climate
more than anything.
Expanding industry and even expanding economy does not just mean getting bigger and bigger.”

“Oh now it’s getting hot again.
Just kidding.”

President Trump continues barely even being distracted by the comment; focused and calm,
“... Recession means cutbacks
and the first budget cut
is Research and Development
and then wages
and drastic SHORTCUTS
in the production process.
All of this
is what is causing problems for the environment and I mean that in the widest sense.”

“V !
And she motions for V to straighten up her act.
“The cash paper money should not be allowed
to hide and operate
as a secret lever
for manipulating everything
to stir up conflict and chaos.
And the little Trillion Dollar Club;
The Cash Mob Elite
should not be allowed to cash out and initiate the downward
of our exchange of goods and services; I mean the slow down of our economy.”

President Trump:
“Large accumulations of
cash paper money US dollars
should not be allowed,
it’s not even natural.
I invest, and I love it.
I don’t keep dirty cash around.
It’s not even healthy.
It spreads disease; physical and mental.”

V: standing
“And I know how to clean it up.
Declare demurrage on The US dollar
in collaboration
with The Post Office
and their stamps.
Suck the dirty money out from its secret hiding places and bring it back to legitimate circulation. The cancer will disappear.
A miracle much greater than Jesus ever did
will happen.
He even said so.

To Transformation! “
They all stand

“To declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
and I don’t mean negative interest.”

“One year of stamping the back of existing
cash paper money
and there will remain
only trivial amounts of it left.
That is when the replacement
new money
will be issued in exchange.
When there are 12 stamps on the back
of the old money bill
you take that to the bank.
If you want cash paper money
to put in your pocket again
then just pay the small holding charge or demurrage fee
and they will give you the newly stamped fresh new paper dollar.
And I think it should have your picture on it friend.”
She is looking at President Trump.

President Trump:
“Thank you V.
And thank you Angel.
And they clash their cups together.

“ And you thought I wasn’t paying attention.”
She smiles...
“I know.
And what do you think about
The Basic Income with Demurrage
as a distribution mechanism
and to set all of our factories and farms
on the right path
with accurate orders for the first time in history?
No more forecasting or predicting or guessing.”

President Trump takes a deep breath
and nods approvingly,
He places his hand on his heart.

to helping The People
find the place where they are most comfortable. That will be the place where they work or contribute best.
A distribution mechanism;
The Basic Income with Demurrage
for bringing the people to where they need to be and the products to where they need to be.
Especially important in these turbulent stormy and changing times.
Don’t you think that would save a ton of money Sir friend President Trump?

President Trump:
big smile.
He takes a deep breath.
And nods.

Russel Lee Morris
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