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Wall Street donors

Who would donate
to drive a socialist agenda? ...
Who have lived for generations
on on earned interest income
without doing any real work at all? ...

The Invisible Enemy.
They call themselves
The Invisible Hand.
And in that hand they HOLD
cash paper money US dollars. Lots.
It is their secret weapon.
The Swamp
is full of it.

But now the Swamp is being drained
and The Swamp Monsters
are suffering
and getting very reckless and dangerous.

The ego
is what is behind the preservation of the self,
and this is natural.
Whether or not that Self is distorted
is another matter.

But there are heroes in history
who have the drive to overcome
the natural impulse of the ego
and put everything on the line
to stop
The Beast of destruction and chaos,
like a wall
between IT
and The People.

The Secret Weapon of The Swamp Monsters
is in full force now.
The Secret Weapon is unleashed
with the knowledge that it can be retrieved
later in the game.
But this time is a little different.
Because The Hero who is in place
knows how to keep all those donations
IN circulation
and not ever returning
to The Dark Realms.
The Swamp Monsters are scared to death of this.

Keep the donations coming,
The People are becoming wise,
Thank you President Trump.
to declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
Angel NicGillicuddy ?

Russel Lee Morris
The Liberum runs on your donation. Fight with us for a free society.
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