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Walt Knew

Walt Disney was on the inside;
he knew the money people
and the government people
and the military, The Generals,
as Trump calls them, 
The TV Generals,
the ones that invaded Walt’s studio
to make their propaganda films,
not the real Generals,
the ones that do the real job,
General Raisin Cain,
Trump’s hero!
And Walt knew important people
all around the world.

But more important than all those,
Walt knew
Hugo R. Fack
The Free Economy Publishing Company
San Antonio, Texas 1937
and he knew all about
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell.

MSM doesn’t publish
this part of the Walt Disney story.
But it’s real.

And then it all came together
and Walt realized,
‘I can beat them!
I’ll develop
and use unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges);
Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges).’

Will and Angel NicGillicuddy
are on
The EPCOT ride,
getting to know each other…

“So Will
all of Disneyland
operates using electronic money
if I want to buy
a Mickey Mouse souvenir balloon,
I have to pay in hard cold cash 
paper US dollars.”
Angel moves close
and snuggles up next to Will
and puts her hand in his lap,
and then
whispers in his ear
with hot breath,

Her hand is burning
right through Will’s pants.
She rubs his leg,
moving her hand up just enough.
Will is about to come.

So he quickly takes her burning hot hand.
He calms down
and perfectly satisfied
just to hold her hot playful hand
he says,
And he takes a deeeeeep breath.

“Walt’s Plan:
to take these paper
Mickey Mouse balloon dollars
and accumulate
a good large amount of them
to eventually,
using a post office stamp
to show that holding charges (demurrage)
have been paid up-to-date,
exchange and reissue them
as Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges).
That is,
all the paper Disney Dollars
which are held outside of circulation.
All the rest of the Disney Dollars
enter the flow
through the usual channels (banks and manufacturers, etc)
already negotiated
to do business with
The Disney Kingdom.

Walt knew all about the post office,
his brother worked there,
as did
Silvio Gesell.
The Post Office
is very important to the scheme of things.
Trump knows The Post Office as well!

Walt knew that
THIS kind of money,
his Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges)
would far outperform
the traditional
hoardable money
US Dollars,
and that he would use the
Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges)
to finance and operate
within The Walls
of The Disneyland Kingdom.

And his Plan
was to use this money,
Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges)
in The Disneyland Kingdoms
within other countries around the world
as well.

This Plan
would allow for miraculous development
and refinement
of industry and agriculture
all over the world …
like magic.

The Government,
and by this I mean
The Trump Government,
will become very small …
but very important!
A partner with
The Disneyland Kingdom.

The economy will run smoothly,
confidently, efficiently,
CPI will equal zero. *
That means that CPI will not change
from the day demurrage (holding charges)
is declared on Disney Dollars,
maybe even using the post office stamp
with Walt Disney’s picture on it.
In fact
one has already been made.

Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges)
will synchronize us
Forget about consciousness.”

Thank you Will Stronghold.”
Angel pushes her body up close to him
and puts his arm around her.
Then she puts her hand
back in his lap
And then …

Suddenly just as the ride ends
for Will and Angel
FBI Agents
are there to greet them.
Angel swings her leg over
and gets into Will’s lap,
and then getting real close to his face,
she says,
“Kiss me Will.”

After a nice long kiss,
Angel turns to face the FBI agents.
Will is silent,
pretty much shut down.
You could say this is Angel‘s superpower.

She takes a deep breath,
her breasts push her erect nipples
through her soft sweater,
she holds the breath for a second
and then
being with her breathing
she exhales,
saying in her mind
to her self, 

She’s looking at the agents.
One of them is female.
Nobody says anything.
She slips down into the seat
next to Will.
Her hand is still in his lap,
he is silent.
She takes another deep breath,
cuddles up next to him
and exhales,

She says to the agents,
to Disney Dollars with
demurrage (holding charges).”
She gives the two FBI agents a thumbs up, and smiles.

Nothing happens at all.
Angel and Will get off the ride.

“Take me to the person in charge
of the Mickey Mouse balloon money.”
Angel whispers to Will.

To be continued.

Will the FBI agents follow?
Stay tuned here …

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Russel Lee Morris
"Declare Demurrage on The US Dollar; The Way Out of The Trap"
Russel Lee Morris
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