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What Happens when Part of a Bigger Country Decides to be Independent?

The Region going Independent,
as a particular part (Ukraine, for example)
of a bigger country (Russia, for example)
is a part which is situated
in a very, very good location
both with natural resources,
including coal for being energy independent and also as a transit region
bordering The West;
and across the ocean,
also, with excellent trade access
to the south;
The Middle East
and India.
Ukraine is a vital part of the whole.

It is a pretty amazing little piece (Ukraine)
of the bigger country
which it was once part of
and which over many years
became vitally important
to the bigger body economic (Russia).

Unfortunately the body economic; the whole, became slave **
to the trick hoardable money
of the Globalists;
The US Dollar,
once metal now paper
and still hoardable.
** They thought they were being freed
when the wall came down.
Very much the opposite happened;
they had open borders
and became part
of the globalist
hoardable money plot.

The hoardable money,
ever since the world wars it has been predominantly
The US paper Dollar;
The Evil USURY Device, 
infected Russia.
They became dependent
on hoardable money,

But that means,
as with any corrupt device addiction,
going into debt
and according to the hoardable money plot becoming insolvent;
unable to pay the loan
when it is called in,
which is strategically done
just when lots of paper money US dollars
have been vacuumed
out of circulation,
usually after the first generation
has had a good ride
and the second generation
has had its money education
extremely censored
and turned into a dogma with no choice,

So Russia became vulnerable
to The Cycles (BOOMs and BUSTs)
and as a consequence
to the ones manipulating
the market conditions
and keeping us in the state
of capitalism
where interest
as a part of the price of EVERYTHING
is a far bigger part
than the whole
can sustain.
So Ukraine wanted out.

the interest part of price
becomes too big a part for
The Earth Natural Resources
to sustain,
especially if the money is managed
in a very bad way,
like buying too much from
China or the Middle East
for example
instead of manufacturing and extracting as much as possible domestically, like
The Trump Plan,
it’s much more environmentally friendly
and it also works out much better economically for everyone.

Being vulnerable
leads to desperation
and desperation leads to corruption,
which leads to USURY payoffs,
using paper money US dollars,
to get things done.
And who can pay
The Swamp Monsters? …
The ones who own
the most paper money US dollars,
which is what
The Swamp
is full of
these days.
This is not Putin, Zelenskyy, or Trump.
It is nobody you can possibly name.
It is an entity, 
which has many names
like The Whore of Babylon.

But names are not so important,
and court cases neither;
lawyers make great
money laundering agents.
So do actors by the way.
But I do not mean to say
that certain actors,
by experience,
have not learned secrets
about the hoardable money plot
that others do not see.
Trump and Zelenskyy
know what happens
behind the scenes;
behind the illusion.

Back to our story
about the body economic
and parts that want to break away,
like in the US Civil War
The Confederates
breaking away from The Union,
these days we have
Ukraine breaking away from Russia
Donetsk and Luhansk
breaking away from Ukraine.

In all of these examples
the whole body economic
has been infected
by the parasite
which lives from unearned income
and which must have
hoardable paper US dollars
as the ‘agent of exchange’ 
in order to suck the life out of the whole
little by little …
so that ‘the stream’ of unearned income
is never dry
or even low.

The parasites accumulate around
The Swamp,
which is full of hoardable paper US dollars
which are stagnant
and full of disease.

The Vaccine
for stopping this parasite
is declaring demurrage
on the US dollar,
and in fact this conscious act
actually REVERSES the symptoms
and allows the whole body economic
to live in balance **
with the host,
which is Earth.

It could be
any planet
where life can be supported.
But it can never be
just a piece of the planet.
This is not possible,
as President Trump says
over and over.
Pollution blows in the wind,
so that China’s pollution
and India’s pollution
float right into any country wanting
clean air and water.

Trump has also stated,
even before the call with Zelenskyy,
They are treating us very badly
with the money.

Ukraine took with them
not only
the good position
but also lots of Natural Resources

I think they did become ‘sovereign’,
as Trump stated in his speech
March 26, 2022 in The Georgia Rally,
but now (a few years ago)
certain loans
are getting called in,
by The Biden Collection company
for example,
and the next thing you know
The Parasite
is living in Ukraine
and Zelenskyy is handed a country
which faces
if they don’t pay.

Well this makes things even worse
for Putin’s country,
even worse than
losing the transit region
or The Natural Resources
or The Money.
Donetsk and Luhansk
want out of this
‘Ukraine on the brink of debt collection and foreclosures’.

So why would Putin attack,
and who is he trying to stop
from moving in?
It’s the same thing a surgeon does
Cut the infected parts out
of the body economic.
It doesn’t work though.
But this doesn’t stop the surgeon.

Better is
The Vaccine;
Declaring demurrage on The US Dollar.
And gradually, eventually,
with The Vaccine in place,
and active,
little kids
in the next generation
probably won’t even need it.
Much LESS money is required
when using
unhoardable money with demurrage;
The US Dollar with demurrage,
and this means
less security concerns,
less balance problems,
no money surpluses or deficits,
no more forced Cycles,
no more market manipulation,
homes for everyone,
and no more
God will come
His Kingdom
Fully Prepared.

Angel NicGillicuddy

Russel Lee Morris
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