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New Jerusalem
The Old Jerusalem
The Forest
The Desert
Pyramids **
aren’t the only thing in common
The Amazon
The Middle East
** Heiko Prumers, LiDAR technology
The hoardable money predicament
has been around for 1000’s of years.

Keep reading
and following
The Hummingbird
of The Resplendent Forest, Amazon
and The Desert Middle East, Israel,
New Jerusalem (Padrinho Alfredo)
The Old Jerusalem (Benjamin Netanyahu),
Viva Santa Maria, 
Tikun Olam

The sun rises,
and all The Forest is resplendent.
There is a knock on the door,
it is little Jordan.
We head out for a nice walk,
I noticed that many of the people
are whispering about us,
and it makes me wonder.

“Jordan, my little buddy.”
and he brings his attention my way,
it seems as though
the whole Life of The Forest
is brought with him,
it is a very profound feeling,

“Good, thank you Jordan.
How are you today?”

“We are good Angel, thank you.”

“I would like to ask you for a little bit of help. Would you be interested in
starting a radio station with me?”

He nods affirmatively
and smiles.

“I will need someone to be our
number one reporter,
who knows the scene from all angles, someone on the ground here with us
and who has lots of good connections.”

“Ho!” he exclaims,
and he points to a little cabina.
There is a man standing in the doorway.
“This is my Pai,
my Dad,
Padrinho Paolo Roberto.”

A little colorful hummingbird
passes by us,
and it goes to land on the railing
next to Paolo.

In our meeting we discuss
the news channel,
direct from the heart of
New Jerusalem; Mapia, Brazil,
brought to you by
vox populi vox dei
being with the breathing,
we also discuss what will be the foundation to guide business and investment strategy for saving The Forest;
The Abraham Accords,
1. USURY is Forbidden in
God’s Kingdom,
2. God said to Moses:
“The Land is Mine,
Thou Shalt Not Sell It.”

We also begin reflecting
on some of the things
which will tie all of our news
the interest factor (interest on money)
The Two Edged Sword
Coming from The Mouth,
along with some other topics;
the immigration issues for Mapia,
just like the rest of the Nations,
the state of the family farmer
how to relieve the
financial attack
and, in fact,
upon the ones making this attack.

“Stay tuned for what happens next.
This is not just your ordinary news channel.”


 Angel NicGillicuddy
Thank you
Mitchell Rabin,
A Better World TV
for bringing us together.

Russel Lee Morris
The Liberum runs on your donation. Fight with us for a free society.
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